When Your Oven is Way Beyond Self-Cleaning

This is how 57 degrees makes me feel! lol  We may not have actually arrived, yet, but I filled with hope for a glorious Spring!

This is how 57 degrees makes me feel! lol We may not have actually arrived, yet, but I’m filled with hope for a glorious Spring!

57º!  It may not seem like much to you, but in southeast Nebraska, that’s a heatwave of unequaled proportions and a promise that Spring truly is just around the corner! Woot! We enjoyed that glorious temperature, yesterday, and have a promise of equally lovely weather through the week. It makes me want to throw open the windows, air everything out and deep clean everything — which is actually a very timely inspiration, as our house went on the market this past week. Deep cleaning is a necessary part of the house-selling and moving process, it seems; so I’m DELIGHTED to have sunny spring weather to spur me on and make the tasks more pleasant.

Cleaning my oven is one of those jobs that often gets pushed aside, simply because I am so frequently USING it and don’t want to set aside the 4 hours to use the self-cleaning feature. Once I have a cheesy casserole or sugary, fruit cobbler bubble over into the bottom, though, there is nothing to do but MAKE the time. When it gets to that point, where the splatters and spills can no longer be denied, I have to dive in and clean things up. Peering inside at the baked on remnants of delicious dishes past, it can become apparent that my oven has gone well beyond the abilities of “self-cleaning”. lol Well, at least the glass has.

Actually, as someone old enough to remember pulling half my body into a cavernous oven and proceeding to scrub, scratch and scrape while my eyes watered, head got woozy and I became encrusted in toxic black sludge — self-cleaning ovens are nothing short of miraculous inventions!  I love them.  They save me time AND brain cells.  All the stuff that used to take hours to scrub away and left the skin peeling off my hands from cleaning chemicals, now just ends up as a manageable little pile of gray dust, to be swept away, at the end of the self cleaning cycle.  That being said, it really isn’t terribly effective on the glass.  You know, that little window, that lets you drool and anticipate as things are baking, without opening the oven door?  Yah, that one.  Well, the self cleaning cycle doesn’t clean it.  Splatters and grease bake on, turning hard and brown; and when the cleaning cycle is over — the splatters and grease? — still baked on and brown.  Ummm…fail.

When Your Oven is Way Beyond Self-Cleaning

Don’t judge!  Maybe there’s a support group?  :)

There is one other issue with oven glass — that vent that runs across the top of the oven door.  Now, if I was in a contest, and to win, I had to splatter something off the top of my range, into the narrow louvered slots of that horizontal vent and allow it to drip down in between the two panes of glass that comprise my oven window — forGET about it!  There is no way I could pull that off.  However, in some mysterious miracle of physics and irony, there is ALWAYS something splattered and dripping between those panes of glass.  It makes me crazy!  How on earth do I do that?

oven vent

How on earth do we manage to drip things inside there?

drips between the glass panes on the oven window

It’s a mystery.

So, every so often, I have to do something to get that glass sparkling, again.  Fortunately, it doesn’t require any awkward sort of stuffing myself into an appliance or asphyxiating with toxic fumes.  It costs only pennies, doesn’t damage the glass and isn’t difficult to do.  You won’t be needing any of that blue stuff in the spray bottle.  It’s no match for this cleaning job.  You need something tough, but that won’t scratch your glass while you’re scrubbing — Arm and Hammer baking soda.  My sister-in-law, Elaine, suggested baking soda to me, years ago, for cleaning the film off of windshields.  It worked like a dream and I have used it for tough glass cleaning jobs, ever since.

I love baking soda for cleaning tough glass stains.

I love baking soda for cleaning tough glass stains.

It really is as simple as sprinkling some baking soda on a damp cloth and scrubbing the glass.  Use just enough water to keep the wash cloth moist.  You don’t want a lot of dripping and the soda works best when it’s more paste-like on the cloth.  See how quickly it starts to come clean?  Look at the difference in that one small area!


See the difference in the area I have cleaned?

See the difference in the area I have cleaned?

Rinse your wash cloth, as needed, and apply more baking soda.  Once you have finished scrubbing the glass, rinse it with cool water and wipe away any remaining soda residue.  It really is that easy.

Spic and span. Now for those pesky drips between the panes.

Spic and span. Now for those pesky drips between the panes.


Now to tackle the drips between the panes.  You’ll need a screwdriver, because you will take out the two screws at the top inside corners of your oven door.  Yes, that handy-dandy tool bag, as well as the screwdriver, is pink.  My tools used to disappear on a regular basis, never to be seen, again.  I’ve noticed that pink ones are almost always right where I left them.  :)


Loosen the screws at the top inside of your oven door. (They probably are designed not to come all the way out. Just unscrew them and let them hang in the other half of the door until you're finished.)

Loosen the screws at the top inside of your oven door. (They probably are designed not to come all the way out. Just unscrew them and let them hang in the other half of the door until you’re finished.)

Here are a couple of “before shots”, once I got the screws out and the door sections separated.  There is usually a pane of glass in each section; and this being the first time I have disassembled my new oven door, I discovered that this model actually has three!  Just check your owner’s manual, if you’re not sure about your specific oven.

We'll call this the bottom section. Baking soda is perfect in here, too.

We’ll call this the bottom section. Baking soda is perfect in here, too.

This is the top section and yes, baking soda cleans this right up, as well.

This is the top section and yes, baking soda cleans this right up, as well.


Use the same method, scrubbing both pieces of glass with a damp cloth and baking soda, then rinsing with cool water.  For my oven, the glass in this top section has space behind it, as well.  Leaving no path unexplored, my mystery drips have even gotten on the back side.  I am able to slide it out of the metal track that holds it in place, clean it thoroughly, and slide it back into place.

I slid the pane of glass right back into the track.

I slid the pane of glass right back into the track.


Replace the two screws that hold your oven door sections together and you will have successfully polished your oven door window, inside and out, to glistening perfection!  See how pretty mine turned out?  You’ve gotta love how easy and budget-friendly that job was, using nothing but a damp cloth and a few pennies-worth of Arm and Hammer baking soda.

Now, I won't miss a minute of watching delicious things baking!

Now, I won’t miss a minute of watching delicious things baking!


Next thing on the to-do list?  It’s time to make a little pile of gray dust!  Think I’ll enjoy a glass of iced tea and see what you guys are doing on Facebook while I “work”.  Self-cleaning is an amazing concept and it can DEFINITELY handle the rest of this job!  :)

Soon, this will all be burnt to ashes and just a faint, gray memory in my dust pan! :)

Soon, this will all be burnt to ashes and just a faint, gray memory in my dust pan! :)

Do you have a self-cleaning oven?  How do you keep the glass clean in yours?


Everybody needs a basic set of tools to keep their home in top running order. My pink tool bag is always close at hand for making quick and easy repairs and updates around the house and I can’t imagine trying to function without it. So, in honor of Spring and all the cleaning and household tasks it inspires, Busy-at-Home is going to give a way a tool bag and a box of Arm and Hammer Baking Soda to a lucky Busy-at-Home reader! Use the Rafflecopter form, below, to enter (and get ready to have a sparkling clean oven)!

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  1. Maralea says

    My toughest kitchen cleaning problem is keeping the top of my stove clean. I try to wipe it down after each use to make it easier to clean.

  2. Annette says

    My toughest kitchen cleaning job is my oven. It was cleaned with something that removed the smooth coating on the door, so now it’s porous.

  3. Sue D says

    You have solved one of my cleaning problems–the window on my oven door looks terrible. I will have to try the baking soda.
    My other problem is grease on the panel with the knobs.

  4. Rust says

    My glass top stove is tough to get like-new when I clean it. Bar keepers friend does a good job but I haven’t tried baking soda. After seeing your beautiful oven, I will try it.

  5. Cindy+W. says

    I can’t wait to try baking soda on my oven window. I had no idea you can take it apart. I’m going to check that out. I have trouble with the glass shelves in my refrigerator. They can’t be removed and stuff that has leaked drips in. So frustrating. Thanks for the great tips, Glenda! And the giveaway. :)

  6. susan says

    My oven is a mess and my range. I try my best to clean it but somehow it just stays. The grates are especially challenging. I do love baking soda as it does clean a lot of the grease off.

  7. Kelly D says

    My toughest challenge is keeping the kitchen appliances clean. I like to use Clorox wipes to clean most of the surfaces.

  8. Vera S says

    My toughest cleaning problem is my porcelain kitchen sink. It is old and no matter how much you clean it looks dingy. I have become use to it. I really would like to know how I could solve this without replacing the sink.

  9. says

    My oven looks similar to yours. I’ll definitely be trying to clean the glass with baking soda, but I wonder if it will work for the interior too??

  10. Cheryl Larimer says

    My toughest kitchen cleaning is the stovetop. It is stainless and I thought it would be easy to clean but it requires a lot of elbow grease to get it looking nice without harsh chemicals.

  11. Danielle Nantau says

    Always had issues with chemicals being to harsh for my nose. Vinegar and lemons have solved everything!

  12. Linda Kish says

    My toughest cleaning problem, which I have yet to figure out the best solution to, is that screen for the vent fan over the stove. It is so greasy and I can’t figure out how to cut it. It’s a metal screen that looks sort of like a brillo pad. Any ideas?

  13. Ronda says

    My toughest cleaning project is my oven. I recently started using baking soda to help clean it and it works very well.

  14. courtney b says

    our stove is a HUGE problem.. I can’t get it clean, its SO rusted. before I moved in the house was a total batchelor pad.


  15. cheryl wetzel says

    We spent almost $900 on a stove about 7 years ago. After having it almost a year it was time to do the self-cleaning. To my great surprise, it WASN’T self-cleaning. I was shocked! I thought they were ALL self-cleaning in this day and age. No one pointed it out to me when I bought it that it wasn’t.. So now I struggle with keeping the WHOLE thing clean. Can’t wait for a new one.

  16. Wilma P says

    My toughest job is keeping stains from cooking oil, sauces, etc. off the stovetop. Since I use the stove everyday it is more of a problem to me than the oven. However, you have given me some great ideas about oven cleaning in this post.

  17. Amy Pratt says

    My toughest cleaning problem in the kitchen is the gunk that builds up on the cabinets above the stove. Does anyone have any tried and true solutions?

    • says

      Amy, try an oil-based soap, like liquid castile. Remember is is SUPER concentrated, so use a small amount diluted in a cup or two of water, to break down the grease and gunk. Then spray with a vinegar/water solution to rinse. Spray the solution on and wipe down the cabinets. (Use white scrubbing and polishing cloths, so the dyes in the fabric don’t bleed into your wood.) Then protect the cabinets by polishing them with a mixture of three parts vegetable oil and one part vinegar. It will give them a nice protective shine and moisturize the wood. Your cabinets will be spic and span without harsh chemicals. Hope that helps! Be on the lookout for my next DIY ALL Purpose Cleaner, this week. It will be good for counters, cabinets and appliances. Have an awesomelly blessed Wednesday!

  18. ouida stokes says

    Mine is cleaning the vent-a-hood, Cleaning upside down, then you have to clean the stove top because of the dripping and then it drips into the oven door and then the floor. It is like opening up a can of worms. How can you clean one without cleaning the other and spending the day in the kitchen? Help. Thanks for the baking soda tip, that’s more cost efficient then oven cleaner.

    • says

      So many people are asking about the vent hood and the filter cover, that I’m going to dedicate a post to it, Ouida. Be watching for it to post, later this week. Thanks so much for stopping to visit, today!

  19. says

    One of mine would have to be like this, the oven but more so I would have to say the refrigerator.. It seems that at least once a week I have to take everything out , and clean… I do use baking soda and vinegar..

    • says

      The refrigerator is my kitchen nemesis, Dorothy. Baking soda and vinegar are your friends with that job, too, as you have already discovered. I also hope to be posting a recipe, this week, for an effective and natural all purpose cleaner that is good for that job. I’m so glad you stopped by, today! Have a blessing-filled week!

    • Robin Wilson says

      I am sending you virtual OOOs and XXXx!!! I have always know that there must me a way to clean my oven door but had no idea how to do it. Thank you so much for the great info and pics. My oven is the worst thing to clean for me.

    • says

      Kim, have you tried baking soda for this? Dampen a cloth or sponge and pour a little baking soda on the stain. Use the damp cloth to scrub the stain with the baking soda. That’s usually enough to do the job in my sinks. :)

  20. Lynda Del says

    My issue is the kitchen sink because there’s black gunk that keeps building up underneath the lip. I simply used some bleach to disinfect and clean that area.

  21. Heather R says

    I actually have a post it on my fridge saying CLEAN THE OVEN. Thanks for this post, because it is going to be a beast to clean. I feel better prepared now.

  22. Ramona Kako says

    As soon as I am done on the computer, I am going to get my baking soda and clean my stove and oven. Thanks for the tip.

  23. says

    The toughest kitchen cleaning problem is definitely the oven, and one of the ways I make it easier to clean is by putting a large foil lid from a foil baking pan at the bottom of the oven. It is amazing how much it catches, This means less scrubbing for me, when it is time to clean the oven.

  24. Jessica Girginis says

    WOW!!!! Thank you soooo much for posting this!!!! #1. I had No clue how to get those embarrassing stains out!!! & #2. How the heck they even Got In There!!!!! (yes I know, that’s truly SAD!! haha) so Thank you for not only the great cleaning tip but also for making me learn something new today!!! lol 😉

  25. Ronda Patrick says

    Toughest clean problem is that microwave!!! I have found that they make a microwave cleaner, you put into your microwave and heat up and just wipe off the residue. Super easy!

    • says

      Ronda, you can save some money and chemicals by doing the same thing with a mixture 1:1 of white vinegar and water. Heat it up then wipe out the microwave. I’m so glad you stopped to visit, today! Have a blessing-filled week!

  26. Janet Woodling says

    Ceramic floor tile grout is a nightmare to me. On a positive note I am going to clean the glass on my oven door with Arm & Hammer when I finish up playing on the computer. Great tip!

  27. Amanda Kinder says

    It’s definitely the microwave. I use a bowl of water and a small bit of white vinegar (on high 5 minutes) to help clean it.

    • Erin Brooks says

      I used Brillo pads to clean my over door last time, but I will try your method next time.
      Getting the racks sparkling is more difficult for me. I have asthma so spraying oven cleaner is an ordeal.

  28. Tiffany S says

    My biggest cleaning problem is trying to keep the stove top clean. I always have a hard time cleaning it and then when I do get It clean it seems like it gets dirty again right away after using it.

  29. Chrystal D says

    My toughest challenge is keeping the bottoms of my stainless steel pans clean, so I give them all a deep scrubbing once a week.

  30. Debra S says

    My toughest job? LOL getting energy to do anything. I work “outside” the house four days a week, and by the time I get through the routine things, I’m too tired for the deep cleaning. I only wish I could hire maids.

    • says

      lol I hear you, Debra! Short of hiring a maid, baking soda and white cleaning vinegar will still offer you some of the most effective and natural ways to clean in your home. Glad you had time to stop and visit, today!

  31. Debra S says

    LOL OH a P.S…………… MY oven has the same stupid spills in it like yours..and now I know I will and can tackle it. YES pink tools would NOT disappear. I DID paint two screwdrivers and plier handles pink here and no, they don’t leave the kitchen, it works miracles, pink..

  32. Margot C says

    Oh gosh, it used to be the microwave; but then I read somewhere that all I needed to do was put a bowl of sliced lemon in there with some water, zap it for awhile then wipe it out. Problem solved!

  33. Lyndsey says

    My biggest issue is grease splatter. Even the splatter screens don’t help all that much. Just a pain to clean!

  34. Connie Lee says

    My toughest cleaning problem is the drip pans under the burners of my stove. They are pretty old and starting to get rusty holes in them. I think it is time to invest in new pans.

  35. Birdiebee says

    My toughest cleaning problem is still cleaning the inside of the oven as well as the burner plates. Do you have any suggestions for cleaning these that is more natural than the harsh cleaning products out there? I don’t have a self-cleaning oven as the last one I had started on fire.

  36. margaret peg m says

    i have a black countertop stove that is ridiculous when it comes to cleaning…we had to purchase a special cleaning solvent for it.

  37. Linda G. says

    Thanks for the oven door tip. I have the hardest time keeping my oven cleaned. It is a job that I will keep putting off!

  38. Kassie Brown says

    My ceramic stovetop is horrible too. I am using ceramic cleaner, but I’m trying baking soda next time!

  39. Anita Duvall says

    This is one of the best posts I have ever read. Thanks so much for the info. on my oven door. Mine looks awful. I am going to clean it this weekend with your tips in mine.

  40. bobbie says

    I could use this tool set because my sink is always leaking! I can fix it but finding the tools to do it is another story, This is a fantastic giveaway, I’ve got my fingers crossed thank you!

  41. Virginia Rowell says

    These are some awesome tips!, My toughest is the hood above the stove. I can’t wait for your article on it!!!

  42. Crystal Sell says

    My biggest problem is keeping my white cabinets white. They seem to attract anything and everything and it’s so hard to scrub them clean.

  43. Jennifer B says

    No self-cleaning oven here. And I can’t seem to actually get all the stains out of it, but I am going to try the baking soda and see.

  44. says

    Baking soda is a miracle! When I was getting ready to put my house on the market in 2013, like you, I had some items to deep clean; things that might not have really looked awful but I knew that they could look better.

    Like the grout in my kids bathroom. It was not black or even brown but the white grout had definitely taken on a shade of gray. Please don’t tell her I said this because I’ll never hear the end of it, but my daughter was the one who came to the rescue with….tada…Baking soda.

    A few minutes of sitting on the floor with some baking soda and a toothbrush and that grout was sparkling again!

    I have a new oven but it’s already got the glass issue; I’ll be over there in minutes getting it clean; thanks!

  45. john hutchens says

    my toughest cleaning project in my kitchen is my microwave oven. seems like I clean it daily but it does not stay clean

  46. Rebecca Orr says

    Ummm….pretty sure it would end up being the stove/oven since I have never cleaned it! Well, I have cleaned the stove top and the front of the oven door…but never the inside! I really need to get on that.

  47. Alison says

    My toughest kitchen chore is the dishes. I know how to wash them though. It just drives me crazy that the dishwasher doesn’t do a better job on its own.

  48. Diana Stanhope says

    My worst is stainless steel pot bottoms, I just can’t find anything that really gets them to shine like new.

  49. Lisa says

    Whenever I heat up something with tomato sauce in the microwave it always ends up splattering. I usually clean it with baking soda and a sponge.

  50. Wendy Caddy says

    I had no idea you could get to the inside of the oven windows and mine look so bad. I will now have to give it a go. Thanks for the instructions. The vent hood over the range, impossible for me to get clean. Looking for advice.

  51. Howard G. says

    Toughest job is cleaning the oven. I have tried so many things on the glass in the door, I am going to try your idea!!!

  52. Debbie Welchert says

    My biggest kitchen cleaning problem is keep the top of the stove clean. No matter what I do, it seems to be always dirty.

  53. e michelle says

    the hardest job is getting everyone to do what i tell them when i tell them to do it! but the worst cleaning is the oven! i did try the baking soda and it works great! plus it it all natural so my hubby doesnt freak out for a week thining he is digesting cleaning chemicals each time he makes somehting in the oven!

  54. says

    The WORST is my microwave. I am VERY short and the microwave is attached under a kitchen cabinet. So, it takes forever to clean the glass and the turntable.

  55. AMY WILLIAMS says

    Oh wow that is one of the hardest I havent had a see through clean oven door forever thanks so much for the great advice and the great giveaway!

  56. Vanessa Richard says

    i hate the stains from koolaid on the counter if u dont get rightaway then u have to scrub for hours i use simply green it seems to work pretty good

  57. Lisa E says

    My toughest challenge is keep the black stove clean – I thought black would be easier than white but black is WAY worse to keep clean.

  58. Hayley S says

    Out dishwasher has been so gross and stinky since we moved into our apartment! I have done a few washes with just vinegar in a cup on a hot wash, then baking soda! I had to just wipe out the bottom after the vinegar, but our dishwasher AND garbage disposal no longer smell rotten!

  59. Bridgett Wilbur says

    Mine is the microwave.. so I wet a few paper towels with some tap water and squeeze lemon juice on it and place it in the microwave for a few seconds..and it steams it clean and it smells nice.

  60. Ashley says

    This has been a very welcome reminder to clean my oven. I have the hardest time keeping my glass top stove clean as well.

  61. melikegarfield says

    One of my toughest cleaning issues in my kitchen is my toaster oven. The racks are hard to clean and require a lot of elbow grease. I actually have not found an easier cleaning method.

  62. Stephanie Galbraith says

    Our toughest kitchen job is the stove, and under the top of the stove. We handle this by cleaning it thoroughly on the regular.

  63. Susan Chester says

    My biggest cleaning challenge is the microwave. Nobody cleans up spills and spatters when they happen so the spills dry on. One thing that helps clean it is to steam it clean with a bowl of water. Then it’s easy to wipe down.

  64. JenniferB says

    My toughest cleaning job would have to be my stove top and behind it especially if you do not clean any grease splatters immediately

  65. Megan C. says

    I am having the hardest time with the over the stove vent. It gets build up of grease so fast, its hard to keep up with it. I have tried a few grease buster but they don’t really do the job.

  66. Dana Andrakowicz says

    My toughest kitchen job is the refrigerator! My husband is always working around the house and he opens it with greasy or dirty hands and it makes me crazy! LOL

  67. says

    Under and behind the refrigerator – I have a twice ruptured disk and a compressed spinal cord, so moving the fridge is not an option – thoughts?

  68. Theresa Jenkins says

    keeping the top of my stove clean is one of my biggest cleaning challenge ,,, Microfiber Sponges w/Diamond Fiber by Campanelli> this is one of my FAV cleaning tools

  69. Luna S says

    My fridge always seems to become a disgusting mess! With two kids it is bound to happen but I wish it didn’t happen so often.

  70. Ashley Nolan says

    I have a problem cleaning my big mirrors, always streaking would like to know a home remedy to make my mirrors clear!

  71. Laura says

    The toughest kitchen cleaning problem that I’ve come across would be the hood vent that is above my oven. I have found that Goo Gone helps get through the grim the best!

  72. Laura J says

    My biggest problem recently was my dishwasher had a horrible smell. I found a video on how to take it apart and clean it out…I followed it all and was amazed at all the icky stuff down in there! I was so proud of myself for doing it myself! Now…I need to clean the glass in my oven like you did!!!

  73. Catherine H says

    I have the toughest time trying to keep the vent hood clean. It’s just so greasy and no amount of de-greaser seems to cut it. I’ll have to try the baking soda method … when I do my oven door!

  74. Lauren Olivia Wood says

    Getting cast iron pans clean is my toughest kitchen cleaning job! I use warm soapy water and a lot of elbow grease to get the job done!

  75. Melissa Vaught says

    My toughest kitchen chore is also the oven, but also getting it clean in between the stove and the countertops, deep in those cracks. I’ve dropped crumbs and stuff down there and it’s pretty impossible to get them out!
    This is an excellent review! I love how well you explained how to clean the glass on the oven. I’ve never done that! I need these pretty tools to get it done! Thanks for a great post!

  76. Victokirsh says

    Toughest problem is baked/burned on food.

    solve it by soaking in a strong dishwashing solution over night.

  77. Seyma Shabbir says

    My hardest is behind the fridge or washer,dryer/ You have to unplug and move them out and vacuum and mop the floor. So much gunk back there!

  78. Karen Drake says

    My toughest job is the kitchen range, I don’t have a self cleaning oven. I am going to try the baking soda next time I clean it.

  79. Sarah Hall says

    Cleaning the fridge is one of the jobs I really don’t like. Things get spilled and don’t get cleaned up after is runs under the crisper. I do clean it with Arm & Hammer and I keep it smelling fresh with a box in there all the time.

  80. Paula Michele Hafner says

    My toughest thing is keeping the handles of my white fridge clean. They’re starting to look off colored now. I wonder is baking soda would work well to whiten them back up? It’s hard keeping them clean with an active boy in the house!

  81. Peggy Johnson says

    cleaning the glass cooktop is always tricky so I dont scratch it. sometimes I let some soapy water sit on it to soften any spills.

  82. April V. says

    We’re in a rental home and when we got here there was an amazingly tough layer of grease and grime on the counters above and around the stove. I used a magic sponge copycat and plain water to clean them all. Sadly, the grease has soaked too far into the wood at the bottom but the doors were covered with a vinyl coating so were easier. They aren’t spotless but they look a lot better!

  83. Melissa Shirley says

    The toughest job in my kitchen is getting the black junk that sticks to the burners on the stove top.

  84. Sue Broussard says

    I use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice with the whole lemon to clean virtually everything in my kitchen. Does a great job, no chemicals, and totally safe if I somehow miss a bit in the rinsing.

  85. Jill L says

    I have a refrig that just wont come clean. I have tried every kind of cleaner on it and it still streaks or looks dirty.

  86. connie black says

    With a houseful of teenagers, I have to say the hardest thing in my kitchen to clean is the microwave. I have not found an easy way to clean it as of yet, but I did notice that Zep has a microwave cleaning product out I will have to give a try.

  87. shaunie says

    I would have to say that it would be the bacteria that collects from uncooked food; simply wipe it down with disinfectant wipes

  88. Rita A says

    I have white cabinets! They show all the messes from fingerprints to unexpected splashes. I have use those cleaning erasers to help with the stains. I will try the baking soda trick.

  89. Laurie Emerson says

    My toughest cleaning jobs is my oven. I am always baking and no matter how careful I am things tend to spill on the bottom of the oven. I like to use Baking Soda and warm water to help loosen then food and then just a sponge to finish the job.

  90. Michele C. says

    I have to say that I really appreciate you showing the tips to clean the oven glass! I’ve been trying to find a product that would actually work! One of my other tough issues is cleaning the baseboards and kitchen floor. We rent and the flooring is terrible. I cannot use a regular mop on the floor, so I take one of those swiffer type handles and place paper towels on them. Then, I spray the paper towels with cleaner to try and get the floor cleaned up.

  91. Sheila B says

    Mine is keeping all the fingerprints off of the stainless appliances. They drive me crazy and my boys never use the handles. I havent found anything that works well yet.

  92. Wendy R. says

    I always wanted a glass top range, and then I got one that came with our new home. I really dislike it! I have tried every tip on the internet and every cleaner. I think it’s doomed!

  93. Karen Propes says

    We have a stove that does not have the elements in the bottom. It was suppose to be self cleaning but you have to turn it up so high we just try an clean ourselves but it is hard to get in far enough on the back. That along with the top keeps us busy. I love your tip on how to clean with baking soda. Thanks.

  94. Crystal Rose says

    Keeping the stovetop clean is hard for me. I use foil now around the burner covers and clean the racks as needed by putting them in a bag overnight with 1 cup of ammonia.

  95. Melissa B. says

    My toughest cleaning problem in the kitchen is the vent over the range. It usually takes a lot of scrubbing.

  96. Christina M. says

    I started using baking soda and vinegar in my kitchen sinks/ garbage disposal, and can’t begin to tell you what a difference it makes! Everything is clean and deodorized. About once a month i put a drop of tea tree oil in some water, and pour that down the drain after I use the baking soda and vinegar. Voila! Clean fresh drains!

  97. Kim Parrott says

    Our stovetop is so hard to keep clean. I am going to try baking soda to see if that helps – thank you for the idea!


    Keeping my floors clean is one of my toughest kitchen cleaning problems. I try to keep a coat of high quality wax on it so it will wipe up easily without getting into the grooves of the Linoleum.

  99. Holly Kennedy says

    I hate cleaning the microwave. I put a bowl of lemon juice in for about a minute and it makes it easier.

  100. Angela Cash says

    My toughest cleaning chore in the kitchen is the hood over the stove. I need to get in the habit of wiping it daily so that it isn’t such a daunting task.

  101. Rachael G. says

    I always have trouble with the oven burners. I let them soak in lots of soapy water. And then scrub with a brillo pad. Keeps them shiny.

  102. Stacey Premoshis says

    My microwave is always a pain to clean. Someone will not clean up the mess they made and it gets caked on all over the inside.

  103. Charlene Kuser says

    My pots and pans are so hard to clean,getting all the grease and build up of food off is really tough.I use one of those scrubbers and Bon Ami but still doesn’t work well.

  104. Michelle Tucker says

    My toughest issue is the grease and splatter on the walls around the stove. I’ve no idea how to get it off. I’ve tried cleaning products, but they haven’t worked. Any ideas?

  105. Beverly Metcalf says

    Like you, the hardest thing for me to clean is the oven. I read your article and you gave some great suggestions. I definitely will use baking soda for cleaning the glass. Thanks!

  106. rene chartier says

    The stove is the most challenging even with a self cleaning oven. I greatly appreciation your sharing your

  107. Jessika Black says

    My toughest problem? the vent filters over the oven and underneath the microwave! I’ve tried scrubbing and soaking with dish soap but no luck!

  108. Anna says

    My toughest kitchen cleaning problem is my floors. I need ideas to keep them clean with three dogs and two kids.

  109. Buddy Garrett says

    Cleaning the oven is my toughest challenge. Even with oven cleaner it is still a tough job cleaning it.

  110. Kristin says

    The stove…I swear, the area around the burners? YUCK! I clean them and a day later, they look awful again.

  111. kay wolter says

    I also have problems with the top of the stove because We use it like a counter also because of lack of counters

  112. Maria says

    This is a whole other level of oven cleaning! I love how you used green cleaning methods. I need to get that done!


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