1. If I were a child, I would be loving every single project! The gardening crate would be hard for the adult child to leave to the kids. My granddaughter lives in another state and sending this to her would be wonderful, very very wonderful!

    • Sandy, you are SOOO right about that! And what a great gift idea, to give a Kiwi Crate subscription! That would be so much more fun and personal than just a check in a card!

  2. Hi Glenda,

    Wow — thank you so much for this awesome review of the garden crate! It looks like your daughter had a great time working her “green thumb” — and what a smart idea to make words on the flower pots!

  3. I would love for my 4 yr old to get the gardening kit! Looks like a lot of fun and really cool that the seeds grow in a suction cup window bag!

  4. the garden crate looks amaze! my 3 year old girl loves watering the plants in our backyard patio – even in the rain. coming from a family of farmers this shouldn’t surprise me.

  5. Either the Window Garden Growing crate or the Stained Glass Windows crate. I have a boy and a girl and either of these would appeal to both of them. Thanks!

  6. I think the Dinosaurs crate would be wonderful for my husbands little cousin. He’d enjoy it so much!

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