Suck Dirt! Is That Too Much to Ask? My Vacuum Cleaner Break-Up


Are you in love with your vacuum cleaner?  I’m breaking up with mine; and I’m scared to death to have to start a new relationship.  :)  Our home has three levels — all of them carpeted and all of them LIVED in.  We have owned a series of vacuum cleaners, over the years, and most recently, a couple of rather high-priced ones.  They’ve been less than impressive, when it comes to performance, and cumbersome to haul up and down each level of stairs to complete the day-to-day cleaning that any busy home requires.  In addition to their lack-luster cleaning power, my high-priced, feature-rich vacuums have not been particularly durable.  One has had a couple of appendages snapped off and the other is now functioning as a rather height-challenged coat rack.  It didn’t run for even one full year!  I NEED a new vacuum — actually, if I had my dream, I would have THREE new vacuums — one for each level of our home.  The problem, however, is knowing which vacuum to buy, and then, to be able to afford it.  

break up

It’s over! We’re breaking up!

As you know, I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community; and just as I was ready to begin my quest for the ideal vacuum for our family, I was selected for a  shop to purchase one! The shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client.   A positive review was not required; and as with all Busy-at-Home reviews, the views and opinions expressed, in this post, are wholly my own and based on my personal experience testing the product.  If you’re interested in seeing my entire shop, check out my Google album, #AirSpeedONE.

It’s not always easy to find items that our family needs in the small town where we live, but thankfully, we do have a Walmart Super Center and I was excited to discover that they had a wide variety of vacuums that I could choose from.  I knew that it was simply not going to make sense to spend the amount of money that we had wasted on our last two models.  Higher price had not afforded us a better cleaning job, and in the end, cleaning power is my primary consideration in selecting this appliance.  I need a vacuum with strong enough suction to pick up the dirt and dust bunnies an active family tracks in and durable enough to withstand a Lego or a Barbie shoe.  At the very least, it has to be affordable, so if it can’t live up to my expectations, the breakup will be easier.  :)  That means I didn’t waste any time at the end of the aisle where all the expensive machines were displayed.  I headed to the middle of the aisle, where I saw low-cost vacuum cleaners, bearing names of very familiar brands.


In this price-range, it’s probably not a lifetime commitment, but the breakup, if it comes,  will be a lot less painful!  Plus, these are brand names that I know.


I love the “feature tags” that Walmart displays with appliances.  I can get a lot of basic information about a product, in a short amount of time.  Within just a couple moments, I had narrowed my research to two identically priced vacuums.  As I started to compare features and study each model, it became fairly obvious which one I was taking home.

shelf tag

I love being able to find out the most important information about a product, with just a glance!

The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo had a 13 inch cleaning path, compared to the 13.5 inch of the other vacuum.  The Eureka weighed significantly less, and unlike the other brand, I was able to remove and replace the dirt cup without a struggle. Both had stair and upholstery attachments, but the Eureka only had ONE filter and it was washable!  A lot of the modern vacuums, I have had, have managed to hide two, and even three, filters throughout the machine.  Those filters were not reusable, expensive to replace, and if plugged, one more thing that could diminish the power of the vacuum.  When I saw the Eureka’s reusable, SINGLE filter, I was hooked.  And then I noticed the replacements, hanging next to the vacuum.  If I ever do have to replace the filter, it’s only $4.97.  The final deciding factor was the design of the machine, itself.  The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo was engineered with a straighter air path than other brands.  I was amazed to see that their was not a series of bends and turns through a hose for dirt to travel to the dust cup.  Anything sucked out of the carpet follows a direct path, straight into the cup and the claim was that this would create increased air flow and greater suction.  SOLD!


Eureka AirSpeed One Turbo Vacuum

My new crush! The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo


When I arrived home, I unpacked the box and checked to make sure I had all the pieces I would need to assemble my new Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo.  I could  tell from the small number of pieces, that assembly was going to be pretty simple, but just to be sure, I checked out Eureka’s assembly video.

vacuum parts

What’s in the box? The base, a quick start assembly guide, owner’s manual, upholstery and stair turbo nozzle, brush attachment, hose, neck, dust cup, extension rod and crevice tool.




Putting the Eureka AirSpeed ONE together was as easy as promised and within minutes I was vacuuming what I believed to be a fairly tidy family room carpet, as it had just been cleaned with my last vacuum, (disabled as it was), yesterday afternoon.  I was swooning with the first pass of my powerful new Eureka!  The suction was so strong that as I gave it the first push forward, I exclaimed to my husband that it must be self-propelled.  It literally felt as though it were being pulled across the carpet in front of me.  Pushing it forward was effortless.  *sigh*  Then, I gave a tug backward and felt the intense power of the machine as I pulled against the air force, to draw the vacuum back to me.  I could literally “feel” the strong suction!  I could also hear it, as my (supposedly) clean carpet, let go of dust and debris nestled deep in it’s fibers.  (If I had any complaint, that would probably be it.  The vacuum is fairly loud, as are most bagless, models.  But, as that is fairly common to all of them, I’m accustomed to it and it’s not an issue for us.)  I am almost too embarrassed to show you these photos, but it makes an important point about the deep-cleaning power of this very affordable appliance.

vacuum canister

Look at all the dust and carpet fiber in that canister! Oy! So much for having already vacuumed!


Removing the dust canister from the vacuum, so it could be emptied, was an extraordinarily simple process.  I say this with great authority, as one who has wrestled, and lost, when trying to disengage a dust cup from my old vacuum, only to have it snap out violently before I could figure out what finally released it.  Having the specific knowledge of how it came out was apparently a critical element in being able to RE-attach the cup, successfully.  It was quite a battle, but I finally did win.  Our relationship was never quite the same after that, though.  My trust was shattered.  Phew!  I do NOT have that problem with my new Eureka!

dust canister removal

The dust cup/canister on my Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo, glides off and on in a single motion! Depressing the clip on top of the handle and tilting it forward, disengages the canister. Then it’s as simple as twisting the lid off a jar, to open and empty it. I placed the bottom of the canister back onto the base and snapped the handle back into place, as easily as I had removed it. Sweet!


Curious about how much it picked up?  I vacuumed about a 5×8 section of our family room, a small portion of our hardwood floor and one cushion and arm of our loveseat, plus underneath the cushion.  This gave me a good opportunity to test out every feature and tool, to be sure the Eureka AirSpeed ONE and I could be in a relationship, long-term.    I moved through all five adjustable heights, which accommodate everything from bare floors to shag carpet and I tested the turbo nozzle attachment.  That nozzle has a belt-driven roller, as well, and boy did it do a nice job on the loveseat!  I’m anxious to try it out on all our stairs.  I also switched from floors to tools by simply turning a dial.  Easy!


It pulled dust from deep in the carpet fibers, and likely, the carpet pad. Plus, it did a great job of lifting the pile on the carpet! Loving this vacuum!


turbo nozzle attachment

I used the turbo nozzle attachment to clean the loveseat, inside and out.


And now, the final reveal!  I’m ashamed to show it to you, but I honestly don’t think our carpets will suffer under the weight of this much debris, ever again.  The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo is going to make keeping our home clean and comfortable, a much simpler job!

I’m embarrassed and flabbergasted at how much dirt our old vacuum was leaving behind. The carpet actually feels softer and the pile is “looser”, since using the new Eureka.


I’m honestly, so excited about this machine!  On top of it’s impressive performance, the Eureka AirSpeed ONE is very light, only twelve pounds.  It can be maneuvered up and down the stairs, on all three of our home’s levels, with great ease.  However, because it was so incredibly affordable, this powerful little vacuum has actually made my dreams come true!  After seeing it perform, David says that with the vacuum being such a great value, I can, indeed, purchase two more so that I finally have a vacuum on every level!  Woohoo!  Thanks, Eureka, for building an inexpensive and efficient vacuum that really does SUCK DIRT!


Eureka AirSpeed One Turbo vacuum

Isn’t she a beauty!??!!   I can’t wait to pick up a couple more!


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  1. Lacy says

    Hmm, I’m thinking of actually getting this. We have the worst vacuum ever, but I always just assumed a new vacuum would cost hundreds of dollars. This might be just what we need.

  2. Sonya says

    Can you tell me how reassemble dust cup and filter. Took apart to clean and now I a unable to reassemble correctly.

  3. Samantha says

    Have you tried dyson vacuums? I just bought a cordless one and it’s amazing. The only problem I have with it is the price, it’s 500$. But it’s definitely worth it because it’ll last a lifetime.

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