Seneca Farms Oatmeal & Fruit Review and Giveaway


We reviewed two 2-packs of the new Seneca Farms Oatmeal & Fruit.

In April, Seneca Farms, released a new product to help encourage kids and their parents to eat a healthy breakfast.  Understanding the crazy, hectic schedules most families battle in the morning, Seneca Farms set out to provide a product that let people have a quick, easy option for a warm, healthy breakfast.  Their solution was Seneca Farms Oatmeal & Fruit, a pre-made hot cereal with fruit included.  No water or milk is necessary and it only takes 45 seconds to heat in the microwave.  I can definitely see how this would be a huge convenience in small families, where breakfast is usually skipped.  Getting something in a student’s stomach, in the morning, helps to ensure they are ready to start their day, thinking clearly and working at their healthy best on their schoolwork.


Simply vent the package cover, slightly and microwave for 45 seconds. It doesn't get simpler than that.

Our family tried two flavors of the Oatmeal & Fruit — Vanilla Peach and Apple Cinnamon.  We liked both of them okay, though none of us felt they were “really, really good”.  The texture was not as pleasing as homemade.  It was cooked through, but certainly not creamy.  Being a large family who can make an entire pot of creamy, delicious oatmeal in about 15 minutes, each morning, our view of this product is somewhat mixed.  First of all, everyone felt the portions were too small.  I’m sure even my pre-school grandchildren would need two individual cups to fill them up.  Also, each cup needs to be microwaved for 45 seconds, which is no big deal if you are fixing one cup each for only one or two people.  However, if your family members will need two cups to be full, and like us, you have quite a few mouths to feed, the time required  to heat each cup means you could really have just made a quick pot of oatmeal in about the same amount of time and saved a substantial amount of money, not to mention unnecessary packaging in the landfill.  The oatmeal cups come in two-packs, which means for a large family, you will need to buy quite a few.

serving oatmeal

Vanilla Peach Oatmeal & Fruit, heated and ready to serve.

My final opinion on the product is that for families who aren’t eating breakfast because they think they don’t have time and have only a couple people to feed, Seneca Farms Oatmeal & Fruit may be a very convenient option, that gets them into the healthy habit of eating something in the mornings.  For a family our size, however, that weighs every convenience against the available budget, this would not be a product we normally purchase.

What about your family — do you eat breakfast in the mornings?  What are your favorite morning meals?  How do you stretch your budget to include healthy options that can be prepared and eaten in a hurry?


One Busy-at-Home reader will win a 2-pack of each flavor (Vanilla Peach and Apple Cinnamon) of Seneca Farms Oatmeal & Fruit.

Giveaway Rules:

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Mandatory Entry:

In a comment below, answer any two of these questions:

  1. What about your family — do you eat breakfast in the mornings?
  2. What are your favorite morning meals?
  3. How do you stretch your budget to include healthy options that can be prepared and eaten in a hurry?

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I was provided the opportunity to review and test two 2-packs of Seneca Farms Fruit and Oatmeal through Mom Spark Media.  No monetary compensation was received and a positive review was not required.  As always at Busy-at-Home, the views and opinions expressed are wholly my own.


  1. angieboss says

    Most of the time, my family eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast.
    Breakfasts goods like pancakes, waffles and eggs are a good way to stretch dollars at other meals.
    Great giveaway!

  2. says

    We’re horrible (or at least DH and I are) about breakfast! We try to do things like fruit and yogurt – healthy and affordable for the kids.

  3. Joanne says

    Yes we eat breakfast in the morning, it’s the best way to start a healthy and nutritionial day, My favorite breakfast is instant weight management oatmeal with skim milk and some natural ingredient apple sauce followed by a cup of decaf coffee. Sometimes we have egg beaters or other cereal and fruit.

  4. EMMA L HORTON says


  5. Denise B. says

    Our children eat breakfast, but I’m not usually hungry yet; and breakfast isn’t normally my favorite meal. This morning we had a baked dish made with Bisquick, eggs, milk, cheese, and crumbled bacon.

  6. Erin Slattery says

    My family and I like pretty much almost any breakfast food my personal favorite is any cereal cold or hot. To save money we buy in bulk or on sale, cook enough for a few days and portion it out for quick access and easy cleanup. Pancakes we make in bulk and freeze, pulling single servings out and microwaving-toaster ovening them.

  7. Raven In A Blue Room says

    my daughters have an interesting behavior. They request a certain food (cereal, oatmeal, toaster strudel…) every morning for a period of time until they get sick of it and then request another one. Works with me because they actually enjoy breakfast. (I never was and probably will never be a big breakfast eater) – I enjoy my occasional bowl of cereal or oatmeal as afternoon snack

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  8. Jackie says

    My family does eat breakfast at home every morning.
    My family likes to eat cereal, oatmeal or waffles for breakfast. On the weekends, we sometimes make bacon and eggs.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  9. Lisa G. says

    My husband and I rarely eat breakfast but we make sure I children do each morning. They usually love to eat oatmeal with banana or Cheerios.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  10. Meaghan F. says

    We eat breakfast some days, but it tends not to happen on the weekend since everyone sleeps in. We make cereal or oatmeal a lot, or sometimes fresh fruit. It just depends. Miss_slytherin[at]live[dot]com

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