Protecting Your Presents with Norton Mobile Security and Norton Hotspot Privacy

Did you get some exciting new devices for Christmas?  I suspect almost every household added something and it’s important to know how to protect them and the information they hold, so you can be confident of your mobile security.  I’m a long-time user of Norton Internet Security – more than a decade, in fact.  My first purchase of the software was in 2002 and I have never looked back.  It is THE program I trust to protect our desktop and multiple laptops (four currently).  It has protected my own personal computers from viruses, Trojans and intrusions that other members of my family, originally not using the software, had computers damaged by.  Needless to say, ALL our family computers are protected by it, now, and in this digital age where more and more of “life” happens online, we all take mobile security very seriously.

smart phone #SmartSecurity #shop #cbias

Norton Mobile Security on the home screen of my smart phone.

To say I was intrigued and excited to learn about Norton Mobile and Norton Hotspot could be regarded as an overwhelming understatement.  Being able to protect our mobile devices, cell phone and tablets, with the same high-quality software had great appeal for me!  I probably won’t be adding it to my laptops, right away, since they are protected by Norton Internet Security and rarely leave our house.  However, when you see all that Norton Mobile has done for my cell phone, you’ll understand when I say that I will be adding Norton Hotspot Privacy to assure the laptop security of any one that goes on vacation with us.  Even when connecting to an unsecured wifi network at a hotel or coffee shop, I will be confident that my devices are protected and my information, secure.  I can officially state that I am as enthusiastic about the quality and protection of Norton Mobile as all the other excellent Norton products I have used.

select operating system

The first step in installing Norton Mobile Security is selecting your devices operating system.

Installing Norton Mobile on my smart phone was simple.  Since I already have a Norton account, I logged in and then went to the Norton Mobile Security page.  After purchasing the product, the first option was to select which type of operating system my device uses.   My cell phone is an Android, so I made that selection and moved on to the next screen, which needed my email address, to send me the information for adding my Android phone to my account at Norton and getting it setup.

setup screen 2

The link that is emailed is to setup your specific device.


The email arrived immediately and when I followed the link inside, I was inside my own Norton Mobile account at the Norton website.  The software was automatically downloaded into my smart phone.  The cursor swirled for several seconds as Norton waited for the software to install on my phone and then, detecting my cell phone, it allowed me to select my device and add it to the account.  Once the software was fully installed, it showed up in the list and told how many days I had remaining on my subscription.

device list

Clicking the link in the email brought me to this page at Norton where my cell phone was automatically detected and added to my Norton Mobile device list.


Since I hadn’t purchased protection for any other devices, yet, I moved ahead to see all that Norton Mobile could do for my cell phone security.  I was anxious to test it out. The first screen, when opening the software, shows all the options available to users – anti-malware, anti-theft, backup, call blocking, web protection and other Norton applications, (which takes me to the app store and offers me a long list of other free apps to add to, and enhance, my Norton Mobile.)    When I checked out what was offered, I added Norton Utilities Task Killer, Norton Halt Exploit Defender, Norton Identity Safe Password (which I have on the computers and absolutely rely on), and Norton Family Parental Controls.

menu screen for Norton Mobile #SmartSecurity #cbias #shop

This is the screen that opens when I select Norton Mobile on my smart phone’s home page.

From this screen, I am able to set up each application to schedule security scans, to locate my lost or stolen phone, to lock my phone or completely wipe it clean if it’s been stolen, to backup my contact list, block calls from specific numbers and turn web protection on, so that it automatically blocks fraudulent websites that might steal my personal information while surfing the web on the phone.  I spent quite a bit of time studying and testing the anti-theft options and I am truly impressed.

Norton Mobile Anti-Theft

The Anti-Theft screen in Norton Mobile.


I love that I can lock my phone, remotely, from any computer or device if it is stolen.  Being able to prevent someone from using my phone to commit a crime or to keep them from exceeding the limits on my phone plan has great appeal for me, not to mention being able to prevent them from accessing my private information.  In severe cases, where it is likely that I will never be able to regain my phone, I can even wipe the phone clean, deleting any data that a thief might want.  It’s an excellent feature.   And while ALL the options are meant to help in cases where the phone is stolen, I like them just as much for retrieving my phone when I can’t remember where I left it.  “Locate your device” uses GPS and produces a map with the location pinned and the complete address of the spot where the phone is.  “Remote scream” is a loud siren-style sound that can be started from any computer or device that you can log into your Norton Mobile Security account on.  The device you’re looking for, in this case my phone, emits this loud sound so it can easily be found.  Take my word for it — it works!  :)  The “Sneak Peek” option is fairly unique in the mobile security software I have seen.  If the phone (or device) is turned on, you can again, use any computer or device that can access your Norton Mobile account online and without a sound, snap a picture remotely, showing who is using the phone or the room it is sitting in.

In a world where more than 1/3 of smartphone users have experienced mobile cybercrime, Norton Mobile protects my smart phone from malicious malware, allows me to shop online, do banking and to pay bills online with the confidence that my private information is protected and secure.  I’m so excited to be able to have Norton products on ALL my electronic devices and have the assurance that they will have the same security I have experienced on my computers for more than a decade.


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