1. I still don’t think I could do it even following the tutorial so instead I will just marvel at your gorgeous work! And I can’t wait to see how you created the Calla Lillies.. they are beautiful!

    • Tina, you could so totally do them. Wish you were closer so we could work on some together. I think we should organize a Mom Spark weekend and we’ll make all the good food from everybody’s blog! 🙂

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! I love the calla lilies too. I’ve never worked with fondant before because it’s just so intimidating–I guess I’m afraid of failure? 🙂

  3. Ok, you totally need to vlog! I think I get it but I would love to see it in live action. My 7 year old would love flowers on her birthday cake and I have had no idea how to do it! But now I might try it!

  4. Those are beautiful! I’ve never used fondant before. Cake decorating isn’t my thing, but I think I might be able to pull it off better with the fondant than with frosting. I’ve never tried fondant.

  5. in all my many many decorated cakes from baby shower to birthday to anniversary to weddings, I never learned to do fondant. I made all my roses, etc. with buttercream. It was very time consuming. Made bells etc. by filling little molds with damp sugar then reeming the middle out verrrrrrrrrrrry carefully. Hands just won’t let me do cake decorating anymore but I sure did enjoy the many years that I did do it.

  6. forgot to add that your “first wedding cake” was very beautiful and these fondant flowers look very easy to do.

    • Esther, the Wilton tools actually DID make it pretty simple. This was my first time working with fondant, so if I can do it, you most definitely can! I really need to break out my video camera and go through some flowers with all of you. Where is this summer going? I still have so much to accomplish, before it fades away. 🙂

  7. the summer is definitely flying by
    omg.. pls pls break out your vid camera
    i love your photo tutorials but the videos would be super helpful too!

  8. Ok, this is a longshot but I am going to try this! I used to do some cake decorating for kids birthdays, baby or wedding showers and used to get all the Wilton Yearbooks and a few new tips and supplies every year. It’s been about 6 years since I have done cakes and I am ready to try again. We have a daughter getting married in 2 years, and not wanting a really big cake. I am wondering if by then I can find some great cake recipes and practice enough? Your flowers are INCREDIBLE! My daughter wants water lilies and I think I can do it! Thanks for the great tutorial post. I am coming on as a new-ish reader and backtracking on your posts. So glad I found this!


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