Loving My New Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine, “Twirly” Skirts AND a Sewing Machine Give Away!

This is the post that never ends.  It goes on and on my friends…. lol  That’s the song that came to mind as I started editing pictures for this fabulous giveaway from Brother and my tutorial for “twirly” skirts and their matching flower hair clips.  After whittling it down to 42 pictures and still having a couple more to edit, I decided that I was definitely going to need to do a rewrite and split this over a post or two or three.  Today, I’m just going to introduce you to my new Brother CS6000i and launch the giveaway.  Thursday or Friday, I should be able to have the “Twirly” Skirts tutorial done.

There’s no describing the happy dance that took place when the Brother CS6000i arrived on my front steps.  (No neighbors were frightened or scandalized in the performing of said dance.)  I’ve actually been using a Brother sewing machine for years.  This upgrade to a computerized machine has me inspired to take my sewing skills out of what I like to call the “utilitarian” range and really save money and get creative with some household decorating and new clothes.  (I’m making myself the cutest new top, right now.  Can’t wait to show you!)  I have a LOT of plans for new curtains, as well as bed and kitchen linens, for this spring.  I’m also going to try my hand at making Roman shades.  I feel so much more confident tackling these bigger projects with my new machine.  The range of features allows me so many more possibilities!

When I unpacked the box, I did a quick inventory of everything that’s included.  It was sort of like Christmas all over, again!

Brother cs6000i

There was the machine, of course.


sewing machine attachments

Plus tons of attachments and accessories! It came with a hard case, spring action quilting foot, a walking foot and a quilt guide for the foot holder! Also, look at that wide table attachment that can expand my working surface area for bigger projects, like quilts.


spring action quilting foot

Close-up of the walking foot, spring action quilting foot and quilt guide.


The machine has a built-in free arm, so it’s easy to sew sleeves and cuffs.  It’s simple to set it up by removing the flatbed attachment, which has a great storage compartment inside.  When I opened it, I found this vinyl bag with more accessories!

sewing machine compartments

Removing the flatbed attachment is simple and it's designed to store the vinyl bag all the cool accessories.



All the accessories and presser feet that come with the cs6000i! a buttonhole foot, an overcast foot, a monogramming foot, a zipper foot, a blind stitch foot, a button fitting tool, extra bobbin, an eyelet punch, a seam ripper, cleaning brush and screwdriver, as well as an extra spool pin, sewing machine needle set and a twin needle!


When you sew, do you find you are always reaching for your scissors to snip a piece of thread, but your scissors are on the ironing board or the cutting table or wherever the last place you used them is?  One of the things I love about the Brother CS6000i is something I wasn’t even aware it had.  There are cutting blades embedded safely throughout multiple areas of the machine!  Of course, there is the standard cutter mounted on the left side of the machine, but there are others, too.

sewing machine blades

The bobbin winder has two blades for cutting thread.


bobbin case

There is a cutting blade at the base of that upside-down U, next to the bobbin case. It's designed to, and perfect for, snipping off the excess bobbin thread when you are threading the machine.


I love the drop-in bobbin case and the fact that there is an automatic needle threader, which has really become an issue for these over-forty eyes.  Threading this machine is a cinch and no magnifying glass is required!  :)  There are so many things I love about this machine, it will take many posts and demonstrations to share them all with you, but let me give you a short list of some of the best:

  1. There are 60, pre-programmed stitches, available at the touch of a button!  Everything from stretch stitches and smocking, to applique, decorative embroidery and quilting stitches.  There are TWO different overlock stitches which I have been using with great excitement!  All my seam finishes make my projects look like they came off the rack at the store, now!

    stitch selector

    So many choices! I'm incredibly excited!

  2. The overlock presser foot!  I mentioned, above, that I have been putting a professional polish on my seam finishes and using the overlock stitch options on the CS6000i.  This is simple and possible because an overlock presser foot comes as part of the standard equipment with this machine!

    This is the specialty presser foot (overlock foot) that makes those seam finishes a cinch! The one-touch presser foot release makes changing out the feet quick & simple.

    overlocked seam

    See how pretty and clean the overlock finished seams are? Yay!

  3. Low, medium and high speed slide lever!  Adjust your machine’s speed according to the project and the seamstress.  I am so excited that my beginning 4-H sewers will be able to work at low until their confidence and skill builds.  I also like that I can adjust this to better fit what I’m sewing.  No more accidentally sending the motor racing on small, tedious projects where I need to creep along at a snail’s pace.  But, when I am sewing curtains or bed linens with lots of long, straight seams, I can slide the speed to high and move along at a remarkable pace.  Whatever speed you select is the top speed for the machine, no matter how far the foot controller is depressed.  Genius!

    speed slider

    The slidebar allows me to control the machine's top speed. I love that selecting stitches is as simple as using the up and down buttons to bring the correct stitch number up on the computerized digital display screen. Reversing to backstitch a seam is so much easier when all I have to do is depress a button, instead of holding a lever down. Love! Love! Love!

  4. The machine has a special zipper foot and zipper stitch.  Putting in zippers has not been one of my favorite things or strongest skills and this will make it so much easier.  Incidentally, that brings me to another thing I love about the CS6000i.
  5. I don’t just have to just figure it out on my own, when there is an accessory or process I am not familiar with or confident about.  The manual included with the machine is detailed, clear and full of pictures.  It gives brief, precise commands that a busy mom can truly appreciate.  Attach zigzag foot ‘J’.  Select stitch #3.  Lower the presser foot.  Sew slowly without stretching the fabric.  etc., etc.
  6. The CS6000i sewing machine has a 25 YEAR limited parts warranty!!!!
  7. The machine is lightweight and incredibly easy to transport wherever I need to use it.
  8. It’s a powerhouse of features at an affordable price whether you’re a beginner, a medium-skilled seamstress, like me, or a pro!  Brother’s MSRP is $349 and it’s worth every penny, but for all you budget-conscious seamstresses, I know you’ll love that Amazon has this beauty on sale for only $159.99 and FREE shipping!  It will be one of your best frugal investments!

Most of what I love about this very modern, computerized and super versatile machine is going to be so much easier to just SHOW you.  There will be several tutorials over the next days and weeks that will highlight and show you how to use some of the awesome features and accessories.  The first ones will be for these adorable “twirly” skirts, I made for our granddaughters (You don’t even need a pattern!) and the matching fabric flower hair clips.  You’ll love it!

sew this twirly skirt

One of two twirly skirts I made and its matching fabric flower hairclip. We'll do a full tutorial in the next day or two. You'll love how simple it is to make something so adorable! And you won't even need a pattern!

In the meantime, lets get this GIVEAWAY off to a good start.  The mandatory entry is simple.  In a comment, below, tell me the first thing you would make if you win the Brother CS6000i!  That’s it.  Then just click that DO IT button, then Enter and you’ll unlock all the other optional entries to increase your chances of winning the drawing.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a Brother CS6000i in order to test it and conduct this review. No monetary compensation was received and a positive review was not required. As with all Busy-at-Home reviews, the views and opinions expressed are wholly my own and based on my personal experience with the product.


  1. says

    Oh, goodness! I’m not sure what I’d make first! A dress or skirt for DD, or some crafty stuff that I’ve had on the back burner~ maybe I’d actually finish a quilt or two that I have the pieces for but haven’t “pieced” just yet! (My sewing machine went on the blink about 3 or 4 years ago, and I haven’t been able to replace it.

    This would be fab, because I *do* have projects in mind AND I have a teenager that would like to learn to sew!

    • says

      I love that it is so easy to whip up cute clothes for the kids and grandkids, now! And I’m guessing I will eventually have a new quilt or two in my future, too. I have made one for each of our three grandkids when they were born.

  2. Heather Reich says

    The first thing I would make on this machine if I won it would be a set of curtains for my daughter’s play kitchen that we are building.

  3. Hello Kimmy says

    I would make a baby quilt for my pregnant friend… then I would sign up for a sewing class to better learn how to use all the options on this machine. I have a fairly standard, fairly old machine.

  4. Sandy R says

    Sleep sacks for my son. I saw some somewhere with shoulders you could open to slide a sleeping baby in without waking them up. I would love to have some that style but I couldnt find the site again.

  5. Jen says

    The first thing that I would make is…. a quilt for our little girl’s toddler bed, she will be moving into soon enough.

  6. Vicki Reinemann says

    I would make the curtains for my living room. Fabric purchased just need to cut the fabric and sew sew sew. I have an older Brother machine. Love it!! <3

  7. Jessica Thompson says

    I actually bought this sewing machine or one absolutely identical for my mom last year and it’s great. I borrow it all the time to make clothes for myself and cute dresses for my nieces. If I won the sewing machine I would make myself a vintage inspired dress I’ve had my eye on a pattern for.

  8. Darla says

    What a sweet machine and I would definitely make somethings for my daughter’s wedding which is coming up this summer! LOVE to win!

  9. says

    If I won the machine, I would create my daughter’s southern belle dress that she wanted me to make for her halloween last year but my machine (an old Singer from the 70s) didn’t want to do it too well.

  10. Angie Bohmbach says

    I would make a blanket and dress for my new niece, and a blanket for my new nephew and then another blanket for my sister’s baby, due in July! babies everywhere lol

  11. says

    Oh my gosh I would love to win this! One of the first things I would make is a new apron! Then I don’t think you could stop me lol pillows, cloth napkins, baby blankets…….
    I’ll be dreaming of winning this brother machine! xx fingers crossed!

  12. Kolbie says

    The first thing I would do is make a baby comforter set for my baby that is on its way. Hopefully at the next ultrasound the baby won’t be so shy and finally let us see what he/she is!!

  13. says

    My skills are rather limited, so I think I would start with some new pillow cases – I really want some to match a quilt my great grandmother made, but haven’t been able to find any that fit my fancy :)

  14. says

    I love this sewing machine.. if i won this i will make blanket for my Grand Mother who was the one who brought us in this world.She did everything for us,that’s why i want to give her all the love she deserve.Thank’s!

  15. says

    Sewing machines and I don’t really get along but I keep persisting. I would use a new machine to recycle old clothes into new found treasures like cloth bags..good for Mama Earth kinda stuff. Thanks for the opportunity.

  16. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I will make things for my home! Curtains. I saw a great design for place mats. Throw pillows.

    I also used to make doll clothes, before my machine went on the fritz.

  17. says

    So many projects come to mind… I would make a sundress for my daughter first. Summer is just around the corner.

    I also wanted to note, thanks for this post. I need to warm up and relearn how to use my own machine. In truth I am afraid to mess up and this year I promised I would start sewing for my kids. So, thanks! …any tutorials to come? (Please!!!)

  18. Andrea D. says

    The first things I would do would be make some dresses and skirts for my girls. Thanks for the chance to enter.

    • says

      Sheila, I’m planning myself a little kitchen makeover, too. Got the go-ahead from my favorite guy to paint the walls and cupboards, this spring, so of course I will definitely need to make new curtains! :)

  19. says

    The first thing I’d sew (if I won this beautiful machine) would be a doll for both my girls. We have the pattern, have the material, but my old sewing machine finally kicked the bucket and I haven’t been able to replace it yet.

    Thanks for the chance. This is an amazing giveaway prize!!!!

  20. Rust says

    I have a wedding dress hovering over my future that I need to start on relatively soon. Making it on this gorgeous new machine would be so nice!

  21. Glenna Faccenetti says

    They have the cuttest ruffle fabric at the fabric store near me that I have been wanting to make skirts for my girls out of, but I don’t have a sewing machine so I would make those if I won this.

  22. chelesa sims says

    I would make maybe some curtains for my daughter room and maybe some decorative things for in there too.
    thank you for contest.

  23. Shana says

    I have a pile of mending to do first. Once that’s out of the way, I’d like to make bathrobes for the grandkids.
    My first machine was a Brother. My sisters & I all got sewing machines for our 18th birthdays.

    nineteen19 at blackfoot dot net

  24. Nancy E says

    The first thing I would make would be a simple summer dress for my grand daughter, then a pair of kitchen curtains. Thanx for my chance to enter !!

  25. Marthalynn says

    My late grandmother gave me some fabric from her childhood and I would love to make a keepsake stuffed bunny with it for my son!

  26. Donnetta says

    I’d make a table runner! I’m just a beginner but I’d love to be free buying just pre-made linens and clothes!

  27. says

    Well the first thing that I would make would be a retro apron. I love that the retro fabrics and colors are coming back. Maybe we could get some of the younger ladies to take an interest in sewing.

  28. cheryl barnes connolly says

    My husband lost his job, so I would recycle old clothes into new ones and also make some curtains. Thankyou!

  29. says

    Lbrouse1 (at) gmail (dt) com
    I want to make some more shopping bags. I also want to make new curtains for our guest bathroom.

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  30. Jaclyn says

    My new house will need lots and lots if curtains and I’d love to be able to do them myself. My current machine is antique (literally) and I can’t even remember how to thread it. :(

  31. Debbie C says

    I have a pattern that is supposed to help me make custom fitted slacks. That is the first thing I would make on the Brother.


  32. Tammy says

    I can’t wait to get a Brother sewing machine. As a single mom of three I’d love to be able to create dress clothes and also do simple repairs. My daughter sewed a pillow in Art class and she now wants to make more.

  33. says

    I’d love to make matching twirly skirts for myself and my daughter, who turns 8 on March 1st. I’ve never been much of a seamstress and don’t have a sewing machine but I think it would be fun to learn together.

  34. Devan Duenes says

    If I won I would make myself new dresses. 😀 I’ve been trying my hardest to stick to losing weight and gaining a healthy lifestyle. This would help so much!

  35. says

    The first thing I would make are curtains for my windows! I have gotten rid of all of the blinds and right now have ugly blankets hanging in the windows:(
    Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome sewing machine:)

  36. BubblesOfDeath says

    OMG!!! I have so wanted such a pimp little sewing machine for the past few years! And I’ve grown up using Brother sewing machines, ever since I first used one when I was in elementary school… Please, pretty please with Bubbles on top, can I win this???? I’ll be your best friend….. *bats eyelashes*

  37. Haydee says

    I love to sew and the my grand daughter who’s 9 wants to learn how to sew, she wants to be a fashion designer and apparel manufacturer. I would teach her how to sew basic clothes and get her started on her career.

  38. says

    Aww, my mom’s response above is really sweet. ^^ Unfortunately it makes my response sound a little selfish by comparison. XD Years ago, I used to dress up in costumes (cosplay) at Japanese animation conventions. Over time, I wound up doing more work at conventions and focusing on events and photographing other people’s costumes. Just in the last couple of years, I’ve fallen in with a group of friends who have really got me inspired to get back into cosplay. The first thing I would sew is a character named Caster, who I’ve had on the back burner for years now. Lots of detail, lots of things I’ll have to draft patterns from scratch for, and lots and lots of layers to sew!

  39. molli mc. g. says

    I’d make a twirly skirt for my 4-yr-old, then coordinating Easter outfits for her and my almost 1-yr-old.

  40. Lottie says

    The first thing I would make with this would be outfits for my four nephew. I love making them stuff and they love to were it, but my old Brother is not working anymore.

  41. Karen Fields says

    The first thing I’d make would be a pillow. That’s the only thing I know how to make. Second order of business would be sewing lessons.


  42. says

    I don’t even know how to sew! Is that awful?! We are trying to move off the grid – seriously, like buy a farm and start doing more for ourselves so I went to the sewing shop to see about taking a class and got intimidated and pretended I needed vacuum cleaner bags instead because they sell those there too. I’m a wuss. So I guess I would sew whatever I could figure out how to sew…

  43. carrie bayne says

    I have a cute dress pattern that I am dying to make. That is the first project I’d complete if I won this machine!

  44. says

    I would make some baby clothes for our soon-to-come arrival! :)
    Also – I accidentally followed on twitter with my OTHER account @momhumblopinion but I didn’t realize that so I listed myself as @ayearwithmomdad – now I can’t get back to edit my entry! :( sorry!!

  45. Cielito says

    I’m studying Couture Dressmaking and has no sewing machine yet. :( Have done my first project so far (basic shift dress) using our school’s sewing machine/s. Would have wanted to own one Brother CS6000i to get me sewing to my succeeding projects… 😉

  46. Alex Liz Robinson says

    I am not good as sewing yet, but i think I would try repairing some items first. I will probably start small!

  47. Kimberly M. says

    I would make curtains for my bathroom (because I can never find ones to fit my window) and curtains for my living room.

  48. Jeanne says

    If I won this awesome giveaway the first thing I would make would be quilts for my daughters. Thank you for having this great giveaway. :)

  49. Laura says

    I have always wanted a sewing machine. I want to make a baby quilt out of my sons clothing. I loved as a kid that my mom made us our costumes for Halloween. I would love to do that for my kids.

  50. CathyH says

    I was right in the middle of making purses for extra income when my 25 year old machine completely died. I managed to sell 2 purses and ppl were anxious for more. Put right out of business! I was excited to see I had a chance here for a new machine, thanks!!

  51. Rachel says

    I would be able to complete the blanket i have started for my middle son as well as make curtains for the bed rooms for a new look.

  52. Cheryl Abdelnour says

    My sewing machine was given to me by my boyfriend(husband) in 1976. Still works, but an updated one would be great. I would make a skirt for myself.

  53. Molly Bussler says

    Bless you for this giveaway, it’s like a heaven sent! 😀 My mother loves to sew, and she suffers from carpal tunnel in both her hands, and I would love to win this for her, since she can’t sew by hand anymore. And I am expecting my first child in May and I know that first thing that she would make would be a quilt for my baby. Thank you and God Bless & Good Luck To Everyone.

  54. Priscilla Craddock says

    Im trying to sign the kids and me up for sewing classes but most places require you to have a machine for each person. I don’t have one. This would be a great blessing.

  55. says

    I don’t know what I would make! I always loved to sew as a child – making ‘hammer’ pants and shorts were something I did a lot.

    I think pillowcases. I love to keep the kids’ rooms simple in decoration and use the pillowcases to accent with their ‘current’ favorite character, since they tend to outgrow those things quicker than I want to redo rooms. Buying fun fabric and making pillowcases is a great way to quickly change the feel of a room. I used to be able to buy them, but seems that now you have to buy a full set of sheets, no themed pillowcases on their own anymore.

  56. Trasina McGahey says

    I’m already an email subscriber but it is not the email I use for my FB account. I subscribe under trasinalm at gmail dot com. There was nowhere to put it on the RC. TY!

  57. Jen says

    I found an abandoned sewing machine a few months ago, and since I didn’t have money to take it to a store to be repaired, I started learning how to fix it up myself. This past weekend, I was almost ready – it would start up, and seemed on the verge of sewing! I jumped the gun, downloaded a cute pattern from Colette (the Madeleine Mini Bloomers seen here: http://tinyurl.com/3hbj728), bought fabric and thread, and came home to work.

    Well, of course I made a mistake in fixing the tension dial, and gears and springs flew all over the room. Today I dragged the machine in, and was told it would cost way too much to repair. So, I have a beautiful pattern, fabric all cut out, and a hankering for cute bloomers. I’d give a lot to have a working sewing machine!

  58. Lauren says

    first off, if I won, I’d give this to my sister in law who really really wants one. she would make some type of outfit for my niece!!

  59. Judy M says

    If I won this fabulous Brothers sewing machine, I would first start making curtains for my bedrooms!!! I have been wanting to start doing more sewing and this would be perfect, a new sewing machine!! Thanks!!

  60. Amy Sherwood says

    After my happy dance, I would actually be making some twirly skirts myself! My 3 year old daughter is very much into them and I found a circle skirt pattern that I want to try.

  61. Holly S. says

    If I win, this will totally replace my “cheapie” machine which has been worked like a dog for the last 3 years. I have so many projects going on that I don’t know what I’d sew first! Probably my Spring wardrobe; plenty of dresses and some slacks and girl’s dresses for my 4 year old. I love to sew and this machine looks like a dream! When I saw the sheer number of different buttonholes, I think I drooled! Mine does 1! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!!!!

  62. Chantel says

    I’ve just started trying to teach myself to sew, but I don’t have a machine. I’ve been trying to figure out what machine would be good, and this looks amazing!

    I think I’d like to try making a skirt for myself. :)

  63. gully design says

    I would finish my curtains that I was in the process of making when my old sewing machine stopped working.

  64. shel says

    I have been collecting fabric to make a quilt for my bed and I was planning on borrowing a sewing machine…oh, to have my own would be fantastic! I’d start it right away.

  65. Kristen m says

    If I won the first thing I would make would be a trip to my moms house to give the sewing machine to her haha! She loves using a sewing machine and hers broke a while back, also it’s her birthday :-)

  66. elven johnson says

    The first thing I would make would be curtains for the whole house. The curtains I have are older than I am. LOL

  67. says

    I would definitely make the dress that I’ve been wanting to make ever since I saw it at Anthropologie. I found a similar pattern and fabric and I’m gonna make my own instead of paying around $100 for one! Thank you!

  68. Holly says

    I would make some catnip toys for my kitties…I’m not a great sewer so that would be a great beginning project to practice on!

  69. Donna B. says

    Curtains for my living room. I’ve got the perfect fabric but sewing 8 curtain panels by hand is NOT my idea of a good time :(

  70. Timbo says

    The first thing I’d remake is actually a broken down suit jacket I wore on a recent trip of mine :) Full of holes and tears now that could use a little trimming.

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com

  71. Maria D. says

    I’d probably start working that quiet book for my son that I’ve been putting off! 😀 Thanks for the giveaway!
    maria.the.uncommon at gmail dot com

  72. Jesllee says

    I’ve been saving up for a new machine because mine can’t handle thick materials and I’d really like to start making cloth diapers. My machine can’t handle more than one layer of terry cloth, so this would be so great!

  73. says

    weellll, I have literally 35 projects waiting! My machine died!

    But I think I would make my daughters beach cover up dress first, as I just bought her a swimsuit for swim lessons!

  74. Jeremy says

    I hope everyone takes with this humor, but the first thing I would “make” is my girlfriend… I’d make her hem my dress pants. Yes, yes, I will learn to use it, too.

  75. Misty Smith says

    What would I make first….decision decision. Would I work on a quilt top, holiday craft items or some baby clothes. That’s a hard decision to make. :) craft items usually win out. Thanks for the giveaway.

  76. Melissa says

    I would actually like to win this as a gift for my mother. She’s an avid sewer and quilter and does such beautiful work! A wonderful machine like this would be great for her!

  77. amani says

    i really want to be a fashion designer when i grow up. My mom thinks the odds are impossible, but i think i can do it.
    If i won i would probably make a dress i have been designing or something for my baby brother, he’s three.
    Thank you!
    -Amani H.

  78. MoniqueHasana says

    I would love to win this for my elderly mother whose sewing machine is not working. I have been try to save up to get her a new one. thanks for the opportunity

  79. cathy miller says

    The first thing I would make is a few of the simple projects i’ve seen pinned and a blazer because i need one nupa123atgmaildoltcom

  80. Tabatha A Carlson says

    I just started learning how to sew. I should have listened to my mother years ago and learned when I was a child. So I’m not sure what I would make. I think I would like to make a new skirt.
    I have a long way to go but my mission is to learn how to make quilts. :-)

  81. Rebecca says

    I would make double layer Cloth wipes or a taggie blanket, I am planning to do them soon but my machine is in need of help

  82. says

    I remember making a shirt with my mama when I was young, so I think I would love to do that with my daughter. I regret now that I didn’t learn more about sewing and hope that we can learn together!

  83. Rebekah Mercier says

    The first project I would make would be something with my 13 year old daughter for her room, such as curtains etc.

  84. Courtney Jankowski says

    Great contest, and a wonderful review! The first thing I would make if I won this sewing machine would be new cushions for my kitchen table.

  85. Debbie Clauer says

    The first thing I would make would be some curtains for the bay window in my livingroom – sewing on some adornments. I got two sewing books from the library by the Crafty Chica, that made me want to give my house a total handmade makeover.

  86. Deborah Stinson says

    The first thing I would make would be a bag/purse out of recycled fabric. I have been trying to do this on my old sewing machine and have completed a couple but it’s very old and does not work very well. I want to make bags out of sweaters and blouses and denim and patchwork.

  87. odessa frey says

    I would warm up with a blanket…..then there would be no stopping me! Clothes for the kids, clothes for their dolls, clothes for the dogs, lol. Curtains for our house, for the doll house…..I could go on! lol

  88. says

    Oh goodness! I don’t know what to make first – skirts, dresses, baby blankets, I just love to sew! And that overlock foot? Oh my goodness! I am in love! I have a regular ol’ brother machine, which I love, but now I’m wanting this one!

  89. Jessica Clark says

    If I were to win that gorgeous sewing machine..I have a list of things that I would make. 1ST Project would be to piece my quilt together and use that majestic machine to sew my 1St homemade bedroom king sized quilt ツ Then I would start sewing curtains for my bedroom..then beautiful quilts for my 19 yr. old ,16 yr. old and 7 yr. old daughters (3 beautiful daughters)…LOL!! Then I would move on to making quilts for my 3 yr. old grand daughter and 2 yr. old grandson. God I have my fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed for this one!!

  90. Pilar says

    The first thing I would make would be to finish up a couple baby girl dresses for some friends that I have patterns, fabric & buttons for but no machine!

  91. Denise N says

    If I Won this i would buy some beautiful girlie materials and make some cute simple dresses for my 7 yr old daughter. This would include some sleeping night dresses in some awesome character prints. My daughter would be soooo happy! Thank You for the chance

  92. Leslie Williams says

    The first thing I would make are beach bag/totes for my mom, sister & me. I’m taking them on a surprise beach getaway for our mom’s 60th b-day this July. I”m making everyone a beach bag filled with handmade/crafted items :) I’m so excited, even if I don’t win this has kept the flame lit under my behind to keep sewing! :)

  93. Kim Presley says

    I lost my mother a couple of years ago and the first thing I would make are teddy bears out of some of her old shirts for me, my sisters and my children to have as snuggle buddies when we are missing her.

  94. AGL_mama@yahoo.com says

    A dress for my daughter! I want to take her with me to the fabric store and let her pick it out herself.

  95. Christine Merritt says

    The first thing I would make is a blanket for my three year old little boy. That sewing machine is so cool! Thanks for the contest!

  96. Laura Jacobson says

    I would make a blanket that I got material for about 15 years ago to make a blanket for my son. My sewing machine broke…and I never got to start it. So, after all these years, I would love to make that blanket for my son and his 2 year old son!

  97. Triona Weeks says

    I have a huge stash of gorgeous fabrics that I’ve been collecting for the day we finally get a sewing machine that actually works without eating my project… I would outfit my 4yr old lil’ girl in an awesome array of twirly skirts, peasant dresses…smocks, ruffle pants, aprons….!

  98. Charlotte says

    I’d make my daughter some clothes for her dolls since her bday is coming up! I’d also make either a dress or shirt of our favorite college b-ball team with a matching hair bow! Since it’s NCAA season, & time to cheer our team on!

  99. Heather Lian says

    I would finish a quilt that I started by hand a while back. With a family of 7 this would be a huge blessing!!

  100. Heather H says

    I would…love love love….to win this. The fist thing that I would do with it is fix the tears and holes and do my hemming to the pile of clothes that sits waiting to be sewn by hand. :)

  101. Mrs.Clark says

    Thank you so much for this giveaway. My machine locked/broke on Sunday and I am in need of another. I was able to finish a pair of pajama pants for my niece, but I would love to finish her sister’s matching pair. All I was able to do was cut the pattern out. But I am glad I was able to do that though. Thankfulness and contentment within our circumstances let’s us be at peace in all situations. Something I am trying to learn more of. May you have a wonderful day. Mrs.Clark

  102. Ashley Morrissey says

    Might start off with a simple pillow and then try to make a skirt or something!!

    -Ashley Marie Morrissey

  103. Tiffany says

    I would make cloth napkins for my kitchen and curtains for my kids’ rooms. I’d like to make some of those cute skirts for my girls too! :)

  104. says

    The first thing would probably be helping my daughter sew her very first quilt! She got the material for Christmas (she’s 6), and we’ve been cutting out fabrics over the past few weeks. I don’t think she’d let me sew anything else first! :) Thank you for the chance to win – this looks amazing! (Coming from someone using a machine from whenever the lime green color was in style…)

  105. Jaimee Sorensen says

    The first thing I would make are some headbands from old t-shirts. I’m dying to make them but not sure my current machine could handle it!

  106. says

    I have had this idea cooking in my head for a tub/beach towel for my grandsons for over 2 years! since I recently had cervical since surgery for chronic pain that prevented any crafty attempts & a nonexistent sewing machine, I would happily use this Brother machine to make the towels & more goodies after more rehab makes it possible. What a blessing this would be! thank you!

  107. Chrystal S says

    Curtains!!! Since my landlord has taken over 7 months to put any up I may as well do it myself….mine would look better!

  108. says

    I would make Easter Dresses for my girls with this! I made them last year on my cheapie machine! I still use the same machine my husband bought me before we were married. It’s about 10 years old and has 2 knobs: one controls length and one controls width.

  109. says

    I would make the reusable tote i have all the fabric cut out but can’t make because I don’t have my own machine and my mom put hers away and I can’t get to it.

  110. Nicole Smith says

    I would love to win this sewing machine, the first thing I would make is a dress for my 8 month old daughter.


  111. says

    I’d make curtains! Could really use a sewing machine. My daughter is wanting to learn and my current machine is falling apart.
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

  112. Mary Angelin says

    I would make soft toys and clothing for my first grandchild-a beautiful, amazing, wonderful boy who make me melt with his smiles.

  113. says

    I’ve got a knit top hanging in my closet unworn for months because the hem started to come out. That would be my first project. But also I’ve wanted to do the Dress-a-Doll thing at a local bank for years – they give the dolls to Operation Christmas to give to low-income families. I want to start doing mulitple outfits so the girls will have more than one.

  114. Kathleen says

    I have been wanting a sewing machine!! This is such a great giveaway! Thank you! If I won, I would make a dress for one of my daughters! It would be great to be able to start making my girls skirts and dresses!

  115. Texas Momma says

    The first thing I would make would be a dust cover for my mixer! The only place to store it in my kitchen is on top of my fridge & I always end up washing the bowl & beater every time I go to use it. Then I think I would make some cloth napkins…we’re trying to use less paper around here and I think my 3 kids would love some napkins with their favorite characters and some cute prints!!

  116. Debbie Ellis says

    Oh my, it looks wonderful. I have a sewing machine that my husband bought me over 35 years ago. Sure would love a new one. I would probably make my little grand daughter some new shirts. That would be great. She would love them made by Grandma, me and my daughter have made her 3 kids their Halloween costumes every year. This machine would really make it easy.

  117. says

    I would definitely make *drum roll* a pillow case. LOL. I have always had bad luck with sewing and I have frequently told people I am so bad that I can’t even make a pillowcase. But recently I discovered Pinterest and all the cool sewing tutorials has given me sew envy. A friend recently bought this model so I’ve been coveting it secretly on Amazon every night asking myself to sew, or not to sew. To sew or not to sew. Well when I finally decided to take the plunge (last night) Amazon says they’ve unlisted the machine while they do some reviewing of their stock. Apparently it will be back up in a few days. But hey, if I can win one here, even better!

  118. penny hyde says

    the very first thing i would make with this machine would be stuffed toys for the natchez children’s home (our state’s orphanage). My husband and I do a lot of work with these wonderful children.

  119. Ellen says

    I would make a t-shirt for my oldest son who now lives on the East coast. I miss him and a quilt from mom would bring ‘home’ to him.

  120. Tashraven says

    I would make new couch pillows (various shapes, colors, etc.). My machine, old Singer is on its last leg, and I have been practically sewing everything by hand.

  121. Ali Griffin says

    I couldn’t figure out how to comment so I hope this works as a substitute. I’m new to sewing so the first thing I would make is to turn an table cloth (with a tear in it) into napkins.

  122. Susie E says

    I’d would make curtains. I have the fabric, but I’ve been procrastinating because my 30 year old machine is even more cranky than I am!

  123. Nikki says

    I have been wanting a sewing machine for sooooo long, I don’t know what I would make first!!! I have some old clothes in cool patterns that I’d like to make something out of. One thing I know I’d like to try is making a purse out of some old jeans!

  124. Tracey says

    I would love to make my little girl dresses like the ones my mom made for me. I would also like to be able to teach my little ones how to sew.

  125. Estelle S says

    The first thing I’d (try) to make is some new curtains for my daughter’s room. Not very ambitious, I know, but it’s definitely something that needs to be done.

  126. Brittany says

    The first thing I would make is curtains for my bedroom. I thought it would be cute to have green ones that only cost 3 dollars each on clearance, the only problem is you can see right through them. I currently have blankets over my window, and it doesn’t look so nice.

  127. Sarah Rowe says

    Oh I have so many projects running through my mind that I would want to get down. I would probably sew up some baby gifts for my sister and sister-in-law. I would love to win this machine!!

  128. Corissa says

    Lots of jean purses to give as gifts to the girls in my family. I have a lot of scrap and wripped jeans that need re-purposing.

  129. says

    The first thing that I would do is make doll clothes for my neighbors girls. The children have gone through some tough times with their parent’s divorce and they have had to move several times. I have a lot of scraps of silk and lace.The machine that I have now is 30 years old and will not sew the delicate materials. I also have a Granddaughter that I am wanting to teach the art of sewing and the Brothers machine would be very special to our family. Thank you.

  130. kellie says

    I’ve never owned a sewing machine. My grandmother had one when i was a baby girl and made me 2 baby blankets, which I have passed down to my baby girl. But I would love to make some of my own and have seen some amazing DIY ideas that I would love to try!

  131. Regan S says

    I can’t sew but would love to learn so I would learn to sew :) I might make a pillow to start since that’s the first thing they had us make in home ec in middle school lol

  132. Christa L says

    I live in tiered skirts and wrap pants in the summer which are SO easy with a machine, but mine is so old I can’t even zig-zag when I need to! I’d love to win a machine like this so I can whip out a whole summer’s worth of clothes before it gets hot :)

  133. ♡♥♬ Louis ♬♥♡ says

    I would sew some funky pillow cases
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  134. Gianna says

    I would finish my quilt. I’ve had two singers break on me in the past few years and haven’t been able to finish it.

  135. Amanda Valenti says

    I would make curtains for my fiance and my first house! We put an offer in on our first house last week!

    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  136. Ai says

    The first thing I would make would be something fairly easy to make…maybe a zippered pouch, or a tote bag. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  137. Michele Behlen says

    My sewing machine is old so winning this would be wonderful. I would start with a small blanket to learn how to use the machine. My grand daughter wants to learn to sew.

  138. Jill Kecseg says

    Would make my daughter a pillowcase dress! My aunt gave me some simple girls clothing patters that I want to make also :)

  139. says

    I’d love to make some curtains or a camera strap as my first project with this awesome sewing machine!!

    Thanks for the chance to win ~
    aimee @

  140. Samantha Leach says

    I see that several people already said this,but it’s true for me too..I’d probably make curtains!!We moved in our house nearly a year ago and still have only blinds on the windows..I think curtains would make the house prettier :)

  141. Nagisa Konuma says

    If I won this sewing machine, I would give it to my mom since she has her own alteration business and her current sewing machine is getting pretty used up!

  142. says

    Oh wow, what a great giveaway! Since I lost my old sewing machine (long story), I’ve been wanting one so bad. The first thing I would make is a set of curtains for my son’s room. I already have the fabric, but not the time or desire to attempt to hand-sew the entire thing!

  143. Ani G W says

    There are several things I have saved on pinterest that I want to make. The latest one I saved I think was a ruffly skirt with all different patterns of material…so cute!

  144. Kristi Hayes says

    What an awesome giveaway! Would love to win! I would make dog clothes and I also want to make things (not quilts) out of fat qtrs.

  145. Helene Tienda says

    I used to make Halloween Costumes for my children when they were younger, but my 13 year old daughter still enjoys getting dressed up. And she likes extravagent costumes. She is already talking about costumes for this year, and I think it would be SOOO… great if I could make her one again. Although, I don’t have my own machine, and I used to use my sisters when we lived together, but we don’t any longer, so I don’t have one readily available. I have so many other projects in mind as well, so it would be great to have my own sewing maching. Thank you for the chance at winning one!!!

  146. Ana Davidson says

    I would like to make my own cloth diapers. Along with baby footie pajamas, tutus and dresses for my daughter. Also for my son but not the girly things. Lol

  147. Debbie E says

    I have been bitten by the sewing bug and LOVE IT. My daughter, who is expecting, has just been bitten and this would be perfect for her to get her projects completed.

  148. Diane says

    I would make the simplest thing possible as I have no sewing experience except as a child trying to figure it all out and constantly messing it up, however so very much still wishing I knew how to sew and could make these amazing creations. My mom and my sister are wonderful at sewing and making great pieces it came naturally to them. Me, well everyone assumes I just can’t.

  149. Sharina Jay says

    If I won the sewing machine I would give it to my mom and the first thing she would make would be a casing for a pillow. :)

  150. Jojo says

    I’m turning old t-shirts into unpaper towels and cloth wipes. I’d like to sew a backing onto them and make the edges all nice and neat.

  151. Karen Propes says

    Thanks so for the giveaway I need so bad, my other broke. I would make another quilt for my granddaughter to take to day care. She loves the quilts I make.

  152. says

    I saw this and thought “maybe its time to learn to sew.” My grandmother was an excellent sewer. She made both men’s and women’s clothing, made her own patterns to size and even made fur coats, I always admired her but just didn’t have time to invest . When my kids came along, I considered it again but then there was the time issue. Well now the kids are grown, it’s just my border collie, Saydee, and I. It could be time to finally be creative.

  153. says

    the first thing i would make is a minky blanket for my etsy shop or something from my new spring line.

    (p.s. the brother site is down for maintenance but i will subscribe as soon as its back up)