HP Deskjet 3052A Printer Review and Give Away! Birthday Give Away #1!

With our homeschool back in full swing, it was the perfect time to have an opportunity to test the HP Deskjet 3052A All-in-One Printer. I’ve kept it humming, printing Algebra exams and multiplication tests, as well as making posters and worksheets.  Whatever your printing needs, it will be hard to find a simpler to use, more affordable printer that does EVERYTHING!  I own two other HP printers, a laser jet that is nearly 15 years old and still going strong, and a PhotoJet for printing extraordinary snapshots and portraits.  The Deskjet 3052A is the perfect addition to the family for everyday color printing needs and I have enjoyed putting it to the test.

HP printer

The HP 3052A All-In-One printer, we reviewed, and what was included in the box.

Everything I have printed, with the exception of one photo of our granddaughter, so far, has been printed just using everyday, normal settings and produced excellent quality with vivid and “true” colors.  The speed has also been about average — no lagging or slow down that I have noted.  Normal everyday settings, meaning I am getting about 5.5 pages per minute (ppm) with black ink and 4 ppm with color, have been perfect.  I am very pleased with print quality.  On the best quality settings, which I tested for that photo of our granddaughter, you can achieve near-laser quality prints with the 3052A and still hit speeds comparable to other printers on the market — hanging in there at the same as for normal printing — 5.5 ppm with black ink and 4 ppm with color.  Printing in draft mode is another money-saving option and, not only conserves ink, but speeds up your print output to 20 ppm with black and 16 ppm with color.  The printer can print in a quality up to 4800 x 1200 optimized dpi from 1200 dpi input data.  That’s extraordinary from an inexpensive deskjet!  (It’s only $69 at walmart.com, right now!)  Plus, it has a monthly duty cycle that can handle about 1,000 pages per month.  While it’s not the workhorse that my laser is (with a 20,000 pages per month duty cycle), it’s more than adequate for school, family or home office use.

hooking up printer

The 3052A is simple to set up and I had it running just minutes after taking it out of the box. Just plug in the power cable and then...


turn on power

Press the power button on the simple, digital display panel.


open paper catch

Open the paper catch tray, laying it flat so you can reach in and access the...


opening ink cover

door that covers the ink cartridge holder. The printer will automatically advance the cartridge holder into position, so you can easily install the ink.

Besides school printing, I am loving the HP Deskjet 3052A for my home office needs and for some specialty printing that saves our family money.  I have printed a custom-designed Christmas card using the Greeting Card Factory software included with my printer, as well as schedules, shopping lists, Bible study notes, letterhead for the blog and more.  I have used the 3052A to make copies and I even sent a photo, snapped with my phone, straight to the printer for printing — mm..hmm, straight from the phone.  No computer “middle-man”.  Sweet!  The other cool feature is the e-Print mobile printing option.  Print from anywhere.  If you can email it, you can print from this printer, no matter where you are.

ink for HP 3052A

The printer uses a black cartridge and a tri-color cartridge.


install ink

Remove the tape from the new cartridge and insert into the printer.


ink in the printer

Install both cartridges and close the ink cartridge door. Then you're ready to calibrate everything and start printing.

It doesn’t matter where in the house I have it set up, because it runs wirelessly on our home network. (It can also be attached to the computer with an included USB cable, if you don’t have wireless compatibility at home.)  It’s light weight and effortless to move from spot to spot, if I need to change things up.  It is Energy Star Certified and made from 25% post-consumer recycled products.  HP also has a fantastic ink cartridge recycling program, so they really have made an excellent effort to not only keep this printer affordable, but environmentally friendly.

card software

My printer came with a CD for Greeting Card Factory.



I used the software to customize and print a Christmas card. Think of all the fantastic greeting card options you'd have. Never have to drop what you're doing and run to the store for that card you forgot or spend the outrageous prices they charge for greeting cards, now. This is a great frugal option!


math book

I was able to make copies of exams for our homeschool Math lessons.



The math exam copy, ready to hand to my student. I can't tell you how many times I have needed a copy machine and had to stop and run to the store, to make a quick copy. This is such a time saver and an equal quality print!

The only thing I am somewhat concerned about, over the long term, is how durable the printer will be.  It is all plastic and very lightweight, which makes it easy to move around, but I’m concerned that the extender for the paper tray would be fairly simple to snap off if someone was careless about bumping into it or too rough when they were moving it in and out.  Only time will tell how the tray holds up.  Otherwise, I have absolutely no reservations about this printer.  It and it’s ink cartridges and accessories are easy to find at Walmart, so I never even have to leave town to get supplies.

printer options

I also selected a photo of my granddaughter saved on my computer and chose the options for printing it on plain old printer paper.


printing lydia's photo

The photo printed on high quality printing options, but plain paper. It was pretty speedy for a color print!



The final photo, even though it was on regular printer paper, was very clear and had great color! I was definitely pleased!

The last feature I have pictures of, and was excited to share with you, is the option to print straight from my mobile phone or tablet.  To do this I downloaded the HP ePrint app for my phone (android) and selected a photo from the album on the phone and printed it.  1-2-3!  Simple and perfect!  I love this option!


Downloading the ePrint app for my phone.


phone picture

I grabbed a picture I had snapped on my recent Avengers shop and sent it to the printer to be printed.


phone pic printing

Voila! If I were better at taking pictures with my regular camera, you would see that the photo from my phone printed crisp, clear and full of beautifully brilliant color.


I’m excited about the potential the printer offers with the holidays fast approaching.  It will be perfect for everything from gift tags, jar labels for homemade canned goods, recipe cards, custom printed calendars or memory books, cards and so much more.  I’m sure I’ll have opportunities to use it for decorating, as well as gift making and YOU could use it to make an affordable DIY holiday season for your family, too!  Check it out on walmart.com.

When I first accepted this post and review opportunity, it was to host a party for a few friends and let them see all the great features of this printer and pass out the favors that HP and Walmart supplied for each of them.  Since my husband’s recent hospitalization and health problems have made it difficult to throw a party, here, I opted to share my party with all of you friends and spread the word even further!  And to top it off, since it’s Busy-at-Home’s third birthday, we’re going to kick off the celebration by giving away one of these HP 3052A printers!  Be sure to enter, below!  You might be the drawing winner and have one of these awesome all-in-one printers to get creative with for the holidays!


Winner must reside in the US and be 18 or older.  The mandatory entry must be completed, before any optional entries will be counted.

Mandatory Entry:  Leave a comment on this post telling me the first project you would use your new All-in-One printer for, if you are the winner.  Then use the Rafflecopter  form to register your entry!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


I received an HP 3052A printer and promotional items in order to to test the printer in my own home office and collect data for this review.  No monetary compensation was received and a positive review was not required.  As with all Busy-at-Home reviews, the views and opinions expressed are wholly my own and based on my personal experience with the product.  The guest favor items furnished by Walmart and HP are making the printer giveaway possible.


    • tara says

      I would like to use printer to finish family tree/ history for my daughter. I am completely detailed history so she can use it when applying for scholarships. I look forward also sharing this information with her cousins. thanks, tara

  1. Debra Hunter says

    If I win I would use this to send make and send out invitations to a Holiday Party I am wanting to have and my printer keeps messing up is like 10ys old thank you for this chance

    • bella says

      My granddaughter needs to print school paper so I can stop going to library and I love to print pictures,Thank you.

  2. cheryl says

    my senior in high school definitely needs a new printer for his school papers and next year to bring to college

  3. mechele johnson says

    My printer is broken! It sucks really bad because I recently bought some gorgeous E patterns for dresses that I want to make my daughter. My first project would be to get them printed so I can start sewing!

  4. Deborah Rosen says

    My very first project would be to create an activity book for my grandson, who lives in England. Then I’d print a gazillion pictures of him!

  5. Cindy W. says

    If I am lucky enough to win the printer I would print out pictures of my two grandaughters. Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. says

    THe first thing that would be personal would be to print off my homework as I just went back to college at 43. All homework is put in on the computer but I would love to heva a hard copy so I can see what I have done.
    THe next thing I would do would be to print some Thanksgiving cards and put a picture on the front that my daughter or I took- I could print the pictures on this machine too.
    It would be so awesome to have such a great printer.
    Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  7. Pat K says

    I would be using this great printer for some holiday labels

    I would be using this great printer for some holiday labels! Thanks for the chance!


  8. Elizabeth C. says

    I have tons of pictures of my grandparents that need to be scanned. This machine would be perfect for this!!

  9. Deb Harris says

    The first thing I would do is print pics of me grandchildren from my iPhone. My laptop is old & memory’s full si don’t seem to get the pics onto it. I would also print all the recipes I have saved on my phone they aren’t on laptop for same reason. I would love to be able to print right from phone. My first printer was HP & it held up for yrs. with 4 kids doing school projects, my husband working from home & things I did. The 2 other brands we’ve had since didn’t hold up, expensive ink etc. only HP from now on.

  10. Raine says

    1st I would go crazy printing coupons-I get so frustrated when there’s a great deal-especially a freebie and I don’t own one. I love couponing! The smartphone app/function is so cool, I’d also print pictures galore (of my cats :) ) -great giveaway-thank you!

  11. jo says

    my first project would be to set my ipad up to print to the printer! Then I would print something from my ipad. Not the most exciting project, but I have been dying to print from my ipad!!!

  12. Trasina McGahey says

    It would def end up being used for school projects. With 4 kids it seems that one of them needs to print things on a daily basis!

  13. Shawna O. says

    My first project would be to print some photos of my kids to make some paper crafts like Christmas Ornaments and cards and scrapbooking. Thanks for the chance!

  14. Kristina Malanga says

    I just recieved my HP laptop the other day! A new printer is what I need,please.Since I upgraded to the better computer,there is no more mulah for a printer,I love my HP!!!

  15. Doug Pig says

    Oh I think I would most definitely have to create custom family Christmas cards for the first time ever! I’ve always wanted to do it!

  16. Doug Pig says

    Want this one! I tweeted, Stumbled, +1ed, Facebooked, Linkedin, and threw a small party! LOL! Good luck everyone!

  17. Lorna England says

    I’m sure I’d be printing pictures! And cards! Love creating a one of a kind wish!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Hannah C says

    There’s a lot I would do with it, I don’t know what the first would be but I’d use it for college, important papers, photos, cards, coupons, etc.

  19. Bonny says

    This thing would be put to work! Coupons, schoolwork, all kinds of stuff. And I especially need the printers and scanner for work.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this :-)

  20. Leslie S says

    I would print out the digital pics from my niece’s wedding so I could make her a beautiful scrapbook of her special day!

  21. corrie says

    i would give it to my mom for christmas and i know the first thing she would use it for is TO PRINT ALL HER RECIPES.

  22. karen b says

    I believe my first project would be christmas pictures, the quality looks fantastic, thanks so much for the chance to win.


  23. says

    I’d be able to FINALLY print out coupons!! I could finally make “couponing” a hobby…and SAVE $$$! I’ve missed out on tons of really good deals because I don’t have a printer.

    Great giveaway…and blog! Finger’s crossed! :)

  24. Charlotte Raynor says

    Since I am a writer and a stay at home woman, I would use it to print out my articles. I have a printer now, but it is old and the paper likes to get stuck in it.

  25. Dwayne Berry says

    My wife needs to print out information whenever she has a Wildtree party. That’s the first thing we’d do with it.

  26. Georges Edan says

    My son is preparing for his final exams. He would use this printer to print his thesis. Hopefully we would win

  27. Dana Beeman says

    I’d give it to my mother along with photo paper for Christmas & we’d print out photos together.
    Dana / danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  28. Rebecca Schulz says

    I would use it to finally print out my own homework assignments instead of always having to run to my mom’s house to do so!

  29. spirit_kim says

    I have always wanted to scan my recipes and organize them on the computer somehow. I also need to be able to print some coupons.

  30. cindy ray says

    First project would be charts for my son. He is in kindergarten and having a hard time. So I want to be able to print out goal charts and things like that to help him get on track.

    green_eyed_princesss at msn dot com

  31. LPadgett says

    If I win this printer, I am going to type and print my husband’s teaching lesson plans and begin a project of scanning my family photos.

  32. kim lazor says

    A huge photo project…my goal is to finally print years worth of digital pics, organize them, then start my scrapbooking project. :)

  33. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I want to make photo albums for my children for Christmas, so the first project would to be to copy photos and print them.

  34. Elizabeth Ray says

    My computer is on the blink and in the shop. (This happens WAY too often.) I fortunately have an iPad, which helps. Unfortunately, I do NOT have a wireless printer. Therefore, there is SO much I cannot do using the iPad. My work REQUIRES me to be able to scan in signed paperwork and to printout items. This printer would allow me to do my work using my iPad. I could even take the printer with me and submit work in the field. Therefore, my first project would be work related.

    I also take several newsletters via the internet which I prefer to print out. This printer would be wonderful for that purpose as well.

  35. Dawn says

    I think I commented already…but here I go again:

    we’d use it for everything…holiday cards, homework…my spreadsheets for my Auxiliary group.

  36. amirbahalegharn says

    I will Use it for Resume,As I am trying to find a decent Company to work for in next first season of 2013

    It will be really a great help
    Thanks for providing us a chance to have this great giveaway

  37. says

    I would use this printer to pass out my website flyers and print school work so I don’t have to keep paying while in college! at 5 cents a page, it starts to get expensive fast!

  38. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Our old printer has been working very poorly for a very long time! First, I would want to make the new mailing labels my 90-year old Mom has been wanting for months. Then my Hubby would want to scan in all the bills, receipts, contracts, checks etc that have been piling up! And last but not least – I was planning to make/print a couple of dozen cook/recipe/general tips & advise and special personalized photos and other momentos to print and bind for special holiday gifts – and I’m already WAY behind on this project!

  39. Mel says

    I would love a new printer! I have one now that is running out of ink and it’s so old they don’t make the ink cartridges for it anymore! Remember those old block style printers??! Yeah! Lol

  40. ewhatley says

    I would use is to complete my recipe binder project – time to get them all in one place instead of scraps of paper everywhere.

  41. says

    Both of my kids are working on multiplication in school right now, and they’ve been practicing with worksheets at home. The first thing I’d do is make copies of all of the sheets that I have so we can continue to practice without running out!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  42. Lena Naef says

    I’d print pictures! We don’t have a printer and this one would be just what we need. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. micheal dale grim says

    the main thing i use my printer for is coupons,i use it constantly for that,but with a nice one like this i think i could find alot more uses for it!!!

  44. jim says

    My current printer doesn’t work for my mac, this would be nice to have a newer printer that works for both of my computers!

  45. Nicole Strunk says

    I just moved and have my own office space now. I need a printer for daily use and this would be great to print pictures to help me decorate my new space.

  46. Vera S says

    I would like to print special family photos to frame. I would also love to be able to print coupons to help the family budget.

  47. clynsg says

    This would go to my daughter, who has no printer right now, so I suspect the first project would be printing one of her college assignments.

  48. katie t says

    I find a lot of cute activities I’d like to do with my preschool age son, but we don’t have a color printer. Those are probably what I would print first.

  49. Vicki D. says

    I would make invitations for the Christmas party that’s going to be at our house. My son could also use it to make new business cards for himself.

  50. Sara Hallberg says

    We just made the decision to homeschool so I am designing wall schedules. That would be my first printing job.

  51. heather c says

    I’ve seen some great printables for Halloween on Pinterest lately. I would probably do a few of those and maybe some labels for witchy bottles.

  52. Paula Johnston says

    I would use it to print all the millions of wonderful recipes that I see on all the facebook pages, I would then be able to compile a recipe book for my daughter and my grandchildren.

  53. rocsi says

    question! i have this printer (i found it on a curb). no cd, no usb cable, just the printer, and i downloaded the driver from online. says i need the usb to connect it to my laptop. is there a way to do it without the usb? i looked that up online, it says i can do that by pressing the setup button (then provides instructions from there…) BUT i cant find the setup button! please help

    • says

      Rocsi, on the digital display panel, setup is one of the options you can scroll to. It took me awhile that the up and down arrows can actually scroll through quite a long list of options, so keep scrolling until you hit Network. Then click Ok and continue scrolling up or down and selecting the option you want by pushing Ok. The printer will basically walk you through the entire setup.

      I have never used the usb cable to set mine up, but you need some basic info first – your ISP # for instance. If you go into the setup in your printer, the first thing you’ll want it to do is get connected to your home network. It’s been awhile since I set mine up, but I’m pretty sure you need to push the reset button on your router and then the printer will discover your network, on its own; and if it doesn’t find it, the printer gives you the option to just input the ISP. Once the printer is on your network, you can just add it to your laptop by using Add a Printer in Control Panel on your computer.


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