How To Prepare Your Children To Be Influencers Who Can Lead: FREE Live Webinar Series

This series is designed with homeschooling families and their children in mind, but being familiar with three of these speakers, firsthand, I am convinced that these webinars will have great value for all families.  Here is how the series is described:

5 Christian Leaders. 5 Exclusive Webinars. One Mission: Leadership


Homeschool families face high expectations for making choices that differ from the status quo.

One expectation—your homeschoolers will become leaders who possess the ability to influence others and positively impact culture.

But there is a big difference between being in leadership and being one who can lead, because a person cannot lead if nobody is willing to follow.

Through this cutting-edge webinar series, trusted Christian leaders leaders will cast a vision and give practical steps you can take to lead your children to become individuals who are leaders in thought, character and action.

This webinar series will connect you directly with leaders who understand the pressures of homeschooling, and are passionate about seeing homeschoolers rise to the challenge of being culture-shapers who can lead.

You want the best for your children. You want to see them transition into adulthood as accountable, responsible adults who can lead.

Whether it’s leading a family, a ministry, or a business, homeschoolers have that spark of leadership in them. Through this webinar series you will get an actionable plan to help your children emerge from high school or college with the skills and competencies to lead and to dynamically impact the culture.


Doug Phillips

How Parents Can Inspire Their Children to Become Exceptional Leaders

Doug Phillips

Vision Forum

Webinar date: 8/2/11Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT


Andrew Pudewa

“Freedomship” Education: Take Your Children Off The Conveyor Belt & Into Life through Internships & Entrepreneurship

Andrew Pudewa

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Webinar date: 8/4/11

Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT



 Jeff MyersA Biblical Blueprint for Transforming Your Children into Those Who Can Lead

Dr. Jeff Myers

Summit Ministries

Webinar date: 8/9/11

Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT




Chuck Bentley

Financial Leadership: How to Equip Your Children with Financial Intelligence

Chuck Bentley

Crown Financial Ministries

Webinar date: 8/11/11

Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT



Kelly Negvesky

How Combining High School & College Will Pave the Way for Success in College and Life Beyond

Kelly Negvesky

Curriculum Specialist & Dual Credit Consultant

Webinar date: 8/18/11

Start time: 8pm EDT • 7pm CDT • 5pm PDT



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