Christmas Shopping at Best Buy: My Best Gifts Shopping Guide for Last-Minute Shopping #OneBuyForAll

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I’ll just come out and confess it, now.  Our home, which currently houses only four people on a daily basis,  has what probably seems like a ridiculous number of electronic devices in it — a desktop computer, wireless network to run all the devices, four laptop computers that function and two dead ones I keep around for parts, a black and white laser printer and two ink jet printers, two tablets, one smart phone (There is probably a little too much pride attached to the idea that only one of our three cell phones is a smart phone.), an iPod, an iTouch, an embarrassing number of televisions, two DVD players, a Roku, a very vintage Game Cube, a dying Wii, a recently deceased PS3 and a brand-new PlayStation Vita.  The Vita arrived as a result of the demise of the PS3, after the kids realized we were NOT springing for a PS4 game system.  When everyone comes home over the weekend, we can increase the electronic device count by four more cell phones (3 of them smart), usually two laptops and often another gaming system.  Cool gifts in the technology category are usually on someone’s holiday list, if not everyone’s holiday lists.  You could say our family enjoys tech gifts — just a little.

The spirit of entrepreneurship grabbed hold of our seventeen-year-son when the beloved PS3 went on to a better place a couple of weeks ago. Technically, what happened to him could better be diagnosed as “withdrawal”.  In his misery, he earnestly set about selling everything he owned, (related to gaming systems), to earn money to make that PS4 purchase on his own.  Strangers began showing up at the front door, shoving fives and tens in my hand saying, “I’m here for Assassin’s Creed.” or whatever other game they had received an amazing bargain on.  lol  I was sort of impressed.  He didn’t have a system to play them on anymore, so he was making good use of his old favorites to earn money for his newest dream.  It only took a few days, however, to arrive at the realization, that even if he sold all his old games, he would not reach the elusive number required to bring home a new, PS4 baby.  *sigh*  And then, the birth of the second-best solution!  He would purchase a PlayStation Vita!  I had no idea what that meant, but soon learned it is essentially a handheld PlayStation.  It can’t be hooked up to the TV, so alas, no big screen, but it is a more affordable solution and more importantly, for him, attainable.

Play Station Vita #shop

It took some creative “marketing”, but our son finally raised enough money to purchase this Play Station Vita, a few weeks ago. It has actually made my Christmas shopping for him a little easier and helped me zero in on Best Buy as the best place to shop for the “extras” he’ll be wanting.

This untimely death of a gaming system and purchase of a different one greatly enhanced and simplified my Christmas shopping.  Typically, our son is a little tougher to shop for, since his tastes run a little on the expensive side.  :)  But I knew, now anything to do with the Vita was going to be a definite hit with our son, so I headed to the one place where I knew I would find perfect games and accessories and still be able to find a variety of other items from my list, and maybe even some Best Buy Gift Cards, which are always received with great enthusiasm — yup!  I was headed to Best Buy.  Our nearest Best Buy is about 35 miles away, so I always go online to see what kind of sales I can be expecting and to check for items I’m interested in, before I head down the road, to Lincoln.  Checking out their What’s Trending page, gave me a lot of ideas and pointed me in the direction of what I was looking for.

trending gifts #shop

Clicking through to the Trending Gifts at Best Buy actually gave me some good ideas and pointed me in the direction of some of the specific items I knew I was looking for.

In particular, I knew that our son had already realized he would require a lot more memory than what came on board with the Vita, so I was on the hunt for memory cards; and I had shopped around.  I was looking for a bargain.  Score!  The 16 GB memory card was on sale for $29.99 and though they were out of stock online, were available for In Store Pickup.  Glowing with anticipation over the $30 savings I was about to garner, I hopped in the car and headed to Best Buy!  This was going to make Christmas shopping a lot more fun!  (If you’ve read this blog for very long, you know I typically hate “shopping”, in the traditional sense.  You will never pick up your phone on a Saturday morning and hear my voice on the other end saying, “Hey, Friend!  Let’s go shopping!”  I know, it’s probably some genetic abnormality, but I’ve learned to live with it.  :)  I’m a get in, get what I came for and get back out kinda girl.  (It drives my daughters AND my husband crazy!)  But, when saving big chunks of cash, on items I was going to purchase anyway is involved, I can get enthusiastic right along with the best of ’em.  :)

PS VITA card #shop

I couldn’t have been more excited when I found this 16GB memory card on the Best Buy website. At $30 off, it was a given that this would be one of the items I purchased for our son!  I didn’t actually order it online.  Since I knew I could get it in the store, we just hopped in the car and headed to Lincoln.

Walking into the Best Buy store, we were greeted with a festive Christmas display, and some really fun small appliances that would be wonderful additions in the family room. The “theater-style” popcorn machines beckoned to our 12-year-old daughter and so we had to linger a bit and imagine how cool it would be to have those downstairs in the movie room.  Of course, cotton candy and snow cones would also be “perfect” for the same spot.  I DO like the atmosphere that the theater-style popcorn machines create. They would definitely be fun gifts for the family.

Christmas tree #shop

This gorgeous tree and some small appliance gift ideas greeted us at the front door.

Immediately behind that store-front display was Best Buy’s cell phone center.  I’ve shopped for cell phones in quite a few different places, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen another retailer with the selection in phones or providers, that is available at Best Buy.  It literally seems to be a one-stop shopping place for cell phones.  The selection was amazing!  Our twelve-year-old is currently the only member of the family who doesn’t have her own phone and as with our other four kids, likely won’t be carrying one until she is driving.  That didn’t stop the need to oooh and aaaahhh and dream a little in this department, though.  :) So, yes.  I would say cell phones at Best Buy are definitely top gift ideas for the “communicators” on your list.  They have every possible accessory, as well, so you can pick up some great stocking stuffers along the way.


Samsung phones #shop

Samsung’s latest phones were on display, along with…

att phones #shop

…quite a few good sales on AT&T phones. It’s interesting to note that cell phones, while getting thinner are also increasing in size. It seems like most of the smart phones were somewhere between current phones and a tablet.  I like being able to read them more clearly, but I suppose the day is coming when just sticking your phone in your pocket isn’t going to be an option.


no contract phones #shop

No contract phones are something that I am more and more interested in and I love that Best Buy had multiple options, plus someone who could actually tell me about the plans and coverage areas.


sale phones #shop

See what I mean about the slightly larger sizes?


cell phones #shop

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, the sale prices were really very good!  That Samsung Galaxy Note takes my theory about phones getting larger to the extreme.  It’s not quite a tablet, but wow! is that a big phone!  I could definitely read this one without needing my reading glasses.  :)



This one is a given at our house and if you have gamers in your family, you’ll find that Best Buy has something for everyone, usually in more variety and quantity than other retailers I’ve seen.  As I mentioned before, I had a very specific item to seek out in this department, but it wasn’t possible to breeze through without noticing all the great bargains and gift ideas.

memory cards #shop

My finely-tuned “get in, get out” radar honed in on Vita Memory Cards as soon as we entered the gaming department. I couldn’t believe my eyes! 8 GB and 32 GB. No 16GB and NO sale! Ugghhhh!


Fortunately, I didn’t panic.  After looking around for a few seconds, I found a fantastic Best Buy associate.  He did a little checking for me while we continued to browse around the gaming department.  While he checked inventory in the store for what I needed, we found:

XBox 360 #shop

HUGE display of XBox 360’s on sale.

Wii U #shop

and a large display of Wii U game systems, also on sale. The “campaign” for why we needed this system was falling on deaf ears, for the most part, until…

wii u demo #shop

..she wheeled me over to a demo station and showed me some of what it can actually do. This is a gaming system I would consider investing in for the whole family, as it has something to offer even our young grandchildren, but can also play games that our teen-age son and our son-in-law would enjoy. Though I wasn’t prepared to make a purchase, that day, this system is definitely tucked away in my thoughts and something I will talk over with David.


Just as my WiiU “education” and “sales pitch” was coming to an end, the Best Buy sales associate made it back and let me know that they didn’t have any of the memory cards I wanted in the store, but he had checked it out online and would be happy to order a card for me at the sale price.  Woohoo!  Gio (I wish I had looked at his name badge, so I was sure of the spelling.) put the “service” into customer service and if all Best Buy employees treat customers that well, then this store will have tons of repeat business!

Best Buy associate #shop

This hard-working Best Buy associate went above and beyond, making sure I could get the item I wanted at the price advertised online. He even tried to see if it was eligible to be shipped to our home, so I wouldn’t have to drive back in to pick it up. (It wasn’t, but no worries. We had to come in for a Dr.’s appointment in a couple of days, anyway. I just picked it up , then.) He was courteous, kind and answered all my questions. Great job on this hire, Best Buy!!!



With all the devices being used at the same time, in our home, good quality headphones are another item that always seems to be on the lists of several of our family members.  This year, my husband and my son have both requested new ones.  Best Buy has an entire section devoted JUST to headphones.  It’s awesome!  You can test and listen to many of them before making a purchase and they have something in all price ranges and sizes, so it was easy to find options that fit out budget.

headphone display #shop

HUGE selection of headphones!

listening station #shop

A station to listen to the sound quality of many of the headphones that are available.  This row of Beatz was a hit with our daughter.

hugging a box #shop

Here she is hugging a box of Beatz from the Gift Center displays, giving us the pitiful puppy dog face. lol Parents need a LOT of sales resistance at Christmas time.  Our rule is no “extra” purchases the two months before Christmas, especially since she also has a birthday at the end of November, so she stuck them back into the display.



Best Buy DEFINITELY has movies!  And if you have hard-to-shop for people on your list, sometimes a movie is the perfect idea.  It’s easy to customize a movie gift to the tastes of the individual person.  Put together a simple “movie basket”.  Use a theater popcorn tub and fill it with boxes of movie candy, packages of microwave popcorn and a couple of your giftee’s top movie choices.  Simple and always appreciated!

Best Buy movies #shop

Snuggling with the ENTIRE series of Boy Meets World and making her “MINE!” face. :)

disney movies #shop

There were some good buys on Disney classics on BluRay, too. Specially marked packages included FREE Admission to the new Disney movie, “Frozen”.  It’s hard to go wrong with a movie!



Okay, I can’t lie.  No one on my list is getting a camera, this year.  But, I passed by this beauty by Sony, as we were heading towards the checkouts, and I couldn’t just keep walking.  (This is why I don’t shop.  It’s dangerous!  lol)  20 megapixels!  Small, point and shoot operation with clarity that is better than the DSLR I currently use.  Having a high quality camera that is small enough to easily carry everywhere is a dream.  There were two models and of course I fell in love with the MOST expensive one — a Carl Zeiss lense, people!  It’s gorgeous!  A girl can dream.  :)  And Honey, if you’re reading this, as our ship comes in…. lol

Sony camera #shop

They were calling to me — singing their soft, camera, siren song — I couldn’t help it. 20 MP, 20 MP, come look, we take 20 MP photos. ;)

Sony camera #shop

It’s beautiful and I couldn’t believe how small it is. The list of features went on for miles, and then, I glanced to the right…

Sony DSCRX100 20.2 Megapixel Camera #shop

…The light shining up from below the display case made it look like it was sort of floating in a halo-like glow. It has a 3.6x optical and up to 54x digital zoom, 3″ extra-fine LED screen, 1080p video, BIONZ image processor, 25-point auto focus, sweep panorama, white balance modes, face detection and on, and on and on…. *sigh*

Cameras are another really good gift choice, whether it’s for you or someone else, and Best Buy carries tons of varieties in a wide range of prices to fit every budget.


We made our final swing through the store, before heading to the checkouts.  I wanted to check out the small appliance department and we ran into some stocking stuffer options along the way.


popcorn poppers #shop

Remember all the cool popcorn makers we saw as we came through the front door? Now, I had a chance to see them up close and out of the boxes. I still really like the vintage/retro look of the theater-style popcorn poppers.


Dyson fans #shop

I’ve always been curious about these cool, modern-looking Dyson fans. I would love to try one out and now, I see they have a version that does both cool and heated air!  Two cool air models were on sale!


electric razors #shop

Electric razors are another gifting option. Best Buy had several models, in a wide range of prices, available.


As we rounded the corner and made our way closer to the front of the store, we ran into a section of displays with small gift items — things that would easily fit into stockings. There were dozens of options, but the one that “popped” out at us was this Hello Kitty island.

stocking stuffer display #shop

Headbands and headphones, thumb drives and earbuds, microphones and watches, cameras and pens — there was something for everyone in this fun display and as you can see, Batman, Superman and Mickey Mouse were also well represented.


In the end there was one last place I wanted to stop — Gift Cards.  Even if you’re not sure what to buy your friends and family, a Best Buy Gift Card opens up a world of fantastic choices for them and will always be happily received!  And if you purchase gift cards of at least a $25 value, between now and the 24th, you can be entered in daily drawings for fantastic prizes!  Entering the gift card number online or scanning it in in the store, will make you eligible for high-value Best Buy Gift Cards that will be given away daily, between December 11 and 24.  Be sure you pick up a couple for your chance to win!

(1) Grand Prize: $10,000 Best Buy gift card

(5) First Prizes: $500 Best Buy gift card

(10) Second Prizes: $100 Best Buy gift card

(40) Third Prizes: $50 Best Buy gift card

Best Buy Gift Cards #shop

Best Buy Gift Cards are perfect for the hard-to-shop-for people on your list! Plus, you may be a lucky winner when you buy one!


There’s still time to get fun, unique and affordable gifts at Best Buy.  So, hurry in to see what great promotions and sales they have to fit your shopping list!






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    I think I’ve seen those pleading, puppy dog eye on my husband and kids at Best Buy. I may have even exhibited those same eyes when looking at the cameras! So many great gifts. #client

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    I don’t think you are the only family guilty of electronic overload. When you start to add together all the different devices we definitely have a plethora too:) #client

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