Can Healthy Snacks Be Satisfying, Comfort Food? Our Healthy Snacking Challenge

popcornI’m on a quest to reduce the sugar in our family’s diet.  I’m excited about the potential changes – for weight, for health, for just feeling better.  My family … not so much.  :)  Don’t get me wrong.  None of them have anything against being a healthy weight, being in the best possible health or feeling better.  They’re just not convinced that the loss of the sugary foods they love is worth it.   Let’s face it.  Sugar tastes good.  Major lifestyle changes take some time; and old habits took a long time to create, so they won’t be broken overnight.  I’m determined, though, to convince my family that it’s worth it and we can do it!  I’m not expecting perfection.  It’s not as though we’ll be outlawing birthday cake or even an occasional homebaked chocolate chip cookie, but the reality is that this family has bought into the silly, modern American idea that sugar is a normal everyday part of your diet and that dessert is a fundamental right.  Somewhere along the way, there has been a shift in thinking that I didn’t even notice as it happened.  Really, did you eat sugar every day as a kid?  I sure didn’t.  It’s a cultural change that crept up on me and now I intend to get outside the box and make some changes.

Did you know that sugar is an antibiotic?  It is.  That should be a good thing, right?  Well, the problem is that as an antibiotic, sugar doesn’t discriminate.  It kills all bacteria, even the good bacteria we need for digestion and healthy immune systems, etc.  Consuming mass quantities of it is bound to have some staggering health effects.  Cutting back to consuming sugar in moderate amounts will be a process and to be the most successful at it, I know I will have to provide alternative snacks that are satisfying and tasty.  I’m very excited and honored to have been selected as an Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop Ambassador, this week, and so I’m looking forward to providing one alternate snack option that I already know my family enjoys – popcorn.


One part of my responsibilities as an ambassador, will be to participate in the “Healthy Snacking Challenge”.  We will be trading our usual snacks for Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop popcorn and reporting back about how that’s going.  While our family enjoys popcorn, it tends to be a “family movie night” treat and not the first snack we reach for on an everyday basis.  It just doesn’t occur to us.  I’m anxious to see how the convenience of the Smart Pop popcorn changes my family’s way of thinking about the treats they are reaching for.   Fast and easy to prepare in the microwave, it will be a natural decision to opt for warm, fresh, and crunchy to drive away after school hunger pangs and I’m guessing that the idea of popping it right in it’s own pop-up bowl is going to appeal to my husband.  Plus, as far as healthy changes go, six cups of Smart Pop popcorn has only 100 calories and provides three times more fiber per 1-ounce serving than other snack foods, such as pretzels or potato chips.  It’s also 94% fat-free.  I know for certain that my husband will be excited about that.  Three cups of Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop also provides a full serving of whole grain.  My family may not be as interested in that fact, but it sure gives me the confidence that I can still provide them with a great healthy snack option, that will satisfy their snacky cravings, even if it isn’t sweet.


It’s a perfect time for you and your family to take your own Healthy Snacking Challenge.  You can print a $1 off coupon on the Orville Redenbacher Facebook page, to get you started.  Your kids are going to get a big kick out of the Pop Cam Game you’ll find there, too!  With the use of your computer’s web cam, they can be transported into the fun game, where there head becomes the controller.   Moving their head back and forth to catch the falling popcorn in their open mouth, they will get points for each piece they catch.  It’s hilarious to play, but even more fun to watch!

I’ll check back in about a week to let you know how we’re doing on the challenge and to get you involved with a great giveaway from Orville Redenbacher, so stay tuned!  You won’t want to miss it!

I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Orville Redenbacher. I received Smart Pop popcorn to review and test as part of the Healthy Snacking Challenge.   I will receive a promotional item as a thanks for my participation.  A positive review was not required and as with all Busy-at-Home reviews, the views and opinions expressed are wholly my own and based on my personal experience with the product.


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