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Well, it’s hard to believe that this crazy, hectic summer is on the downhill side.  Didn’t we just get started with summer?  Oh, well.  Time marches on and so do we.  There are some great things coming up at Busy-at-Home.  Keep your eyes open and your ears listening for :

  1. back to schoolBack-to-School Round Up – We have some great products and sponsors to share with you, for Back-to-School, and the giveaway prizes are awesome!
  2. balloonsMy 50th Birthday Bash! – I know, I know, I’ve been telling everyone for years that I am ten years older than I really am, so they will think I look AMAZING for my age.  My mom and sisters think that reflects poorly on THEIR ages, however, so I’m coming clean, just in time to celebrate a half century of the Lord blessing me on this earth.  My birthday is August 28, so we’ll be celebrating all month long with some great giveaways!
  3. DIY Front Room Makeover Series – We will continue our backyard makeover, as long as the weather holds and we have updates to make, but beginning in September, I’ll be tackling that DIY front room makeover, we talked about before.  Remember, the third living area in our new house, with absolutely NO furniture, except a bookcase?  lol  I guess it’s not really a makeOVER, it’s just a plain old MAKE.  :)  I need lots of ideas and inspiration.  I was thinking of finding a gorgeous area rug and using the colors from that as the color palette for the room.  I’m just not sure, yet.  Be sure to chime in with your own ideas or pictures of your dream “inspiration” rooms.  I’m working hard to find some exceptional sponsors for that event, too, so stay tuned!
  4. Homemade Breakfasts — Fast, Simple and Delish! – Especially with school starting, having a warm, healthy breakfast ready in the morning can be tough, unless we’ve planned ahead.  We’re going to go through tips and tricks for making it fast, simple and delicious.  No one in your house will skip breakfast, again, because “they don’t have time”.  You’ll love these recipes!

So, are you excited, yet?!!!?!  lol  Me, too.  So glad I get to share it with all of you.  You guys rock!


(I’m still accepting sponsors, for each of these events, so if you would like to be included, contact me at, and let me know what products you would like me to consider.  Thanks!)

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